22 January 2007

Emily had to write a magazine article of her choice for a school assignment. She chose Global Warming. I asked what we could do to help. She showed me this video and asked if I'd post it here.

School started 2 hours late today because of the icy road and sidewalk conditions. I picked Emily up from school 2 hours early because of a scheduled doctor's appointment. (Schools had been scheduled to close 2 hours early all week because of high school testing. That got cancelled because of the morning change.) Emily was happy with her 3 hour day. She wasn't so happy when she found out she was due for 3 vaccinations. She got a chicken pox booster, meningitis and tetanus shots. Ouch! Here's a picture of Emily with her doctor. He's just the best doctor and has been Emily's pediatrician since she was born. This is her happy before the shots. I've always brought my camera to her doctor's appointments and Emily was happy to find 7 pictures of herself and her doctor through the years on posters in his office. I'll be sad when she outgrows seeing a pediatrician.

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