24 January 2007

I thought I'd write a quick post before work. I had the hardest time waking up today. I was involved in a complicated dream that I didn't want to end. Now I can only remember bits and pieces of it. It involved a pool in my parent's den, a celebrity and an old boyfriend. Hmmm. Wonder what it all means?

I hope today is easier than yesterday. I was just slammed at work. One of those days that I didn't even have time to finish my lunch or use the bathroom. I'm not really complaining because I'm very grateful to be so busy. It's just nice to grab a minute here and there to sit down. I'll write more later.


Billy said...

Make that money girlfriend! I love days like those. Makes it go by so fast.

Sarah said...

Cheryl!! I cannot believe how busy you've been blogging! It's glorious! You are finding your niche as a writer, my friend. I'll be complimenting you much more than vice versa from now on, fer sure.

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