02 January 2007

I just have time for a quick post. My daughter and I had a great weekend. We went to the movies and saw The Pursuit of Happyness. A great and moving and very sad story. I reminded myself how fortunate I am to have so much when others have so little. We went to our favorite mall restaurant afterwards, then home. We played Phase 10 for the longest time, then rang in the New Year with Dick Clark and sparkling cider. New Year's Day found me working in the kitchen all day. I made this meatloaf. It was good, but totally not worth the time and effort it took to make it. All the dishes and dessert were labor intensive. I had my parents and sister over for dinner. What was wonderful was finally sitting down to eat. Everyone enjoyed the meal and just being together. Emily took over the cleaning-up, which was amazing. When everyone went home, Emily and I got back to our card game. The same one we were working on from the night before and morning. We finally finished with my beating her by only 10 points. We had a great heart-to-heart talk as we sat around the table. It was all so good.

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