07 January 2007

I spent part of today visiting with friends in Annapolis. This picture is the view down Main Street. You can see the Chesapeake Bay in the background.

After running a few errands, I drove over to Sherwood Forest, a private gated community on one of the rivers. It's the best place. Kit's family owns a very small cottage there and we occasionally get to spend the day. Our friend Lisa, who lives in VA, met us for lunch. We've all been friends since Junior High. Kit and I see each other pretty regularly, but haven't seen Lisa since June. There's just something special about friends you have a long history with. We talked non-stop, jumping from topic to topic. We know each others' families, stories, etc... We agreed that we have to see each other more often. These pictures are of the drive into Sherwood, the cottage, a peek at the river from the porch, and us.

I had time to run to the coffee shop and Trader Joe's before coming home and catching up on laundry, homework, and a few hands of Phase 10. A good and busy day. Two of the shows I watch on Sunday nights were back on after what seemed like a long break, and I enjoyed the rest of the eve. Time to put it all to rest.


Andrew said...

I love all the pictures. Thanks for taking the time to share them and take them. I am so glad you had a great weekend and tell Emily I said thanks for her comments about Maggie. I took that video of Maggie with her in mind. Take care and don't work too hard today!


Billy said...

Yes, I totally love pictures as well. The woody area looks nice. I wish we had more trees in Kansas. It's so flat here.

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