19 January 2007

I went to an out of the way grocery store in search of a fancy chocolate cake to bring to a friend's house tomorrow night. I was there on Monday and was so impressed by the selection. Tonight the showcase looked sad and neglected. The cakes that were left were imperfect. It just wouldn't do. It will be my quest after work tomorrow to find the perfect dessert. Cathi is a wonderful cook, and Emily and I love when we're invited for dinner. Her husband and kids are wonderful company. I wish we saw each other more often.

I highlighted a male client's hair today. It's really difficult to do that on short hair. It wouldn't have been my choice of what to do, but he was really into it. I told him I'll be calling him Ryan Seacrest from now on. It turned out pretty good and he was really happy with the way he looked. I only have one other man who's color I do. It actually looks pretty good on him. I think he does it because he's getting older in a business that values youth. I have one male client who does his own color. It's very black and looks terrible. I wish I had the nerve to suggest he use a brown color, but have never figured out how to say it. I always think about it while I'm cutting his hair. I'm hoping he'll ask for my advice.

It's very quiet here tonight. The time I've been on the computer has just flown by. Think I'll finish reading the paper before calling it a night.

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Billy said...

Why not just be honest with the guy? You could say,
"Hey, you know what? I was thinking about what we were going to do with your hair today, and I thought that a brown color would look fantastic! Do you feel like a change? I just know it would look great!"

Okay, maybe not. That sounded really cheesy. But it worked on me before. I used to have hair down past my waist and the styist totally suggested that I cut it. She also told me why I should do it and the benefits. I went for it. Now my hair is right around my shoulder blades and I love it.

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