04 January 2007

Well, I meant to write today. Besides what I wrote this morning, that is. I thought I'd have time to do it when I got home from my parents' house. I only had to stop at the grocery store for one thing on my way home. The customer ahead of me had a problem with her order and it took forever. I was late getting home--I always like to get home before Emily. Of course, I didn't want to get on the computer then. Later, Emily suggested I write my post while she wrote her thank-you notes for her Christmas gifts. Great, except I had to go online to look for my Mary Engelbreit desk calendar that I use every year. I just had to wait to get one after Christmas so I could get it half-price. Could I find it anywhere? No. So, I spent my time looking online for the best deal, and for the Food For Thought calendar that Emily had wanted. I will not be such a bargain shopper next year! I was done just in time to watch Ugly Betty on TV. It was the first new episode in a while. Sooo, here I am, at my bedtime, writing. Reading over this post, it seems like a big complaint. Like, blah, blah, blah. It wasn't meant to be. It's just not the relaxing, thoughtful, creative experience I was hoping for. Ya know?

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