27 September 2007

The bird really likes my keyboard. This isn't going to work because I like it too and it's mine!

I placed an ad on Craigslist. Someone from a parrot rescue league saw it, and added it to their listing. Someone else e-mailed me with a lead and I'm hoping to get a call tonight. I really wanted a baby bird, to train, and to bond with us. Andrew thought I should keep the bird. I may, if I can't find the owner. I'll be curious to see how this thing plays out.

Another busy day off. This morning I met a client/friend to show her around Blogger. She read my blog, loved the idea of it, and started her own. It was a lot of fun spending time together. If you get a chance, check it out.

I took Emily out of school to go to her orthodontist. She thought she was having impressions made and then getting her braces off. No, again. Maybe at her next appointment in 6 weeks. I'll believe it when I see it. From there we went to her field hockey game. Another beautiful day to be outside. The team played hard, but they lost very badly, again. I thought Emily was a real scrapper. She had no hesitation getting in there and hacking away at the ball. Looked exhausting to me. She stayed for the Varsity game and took the team bus back to the school. She's watching a Varsity soccer game now. I just had to drive up to the school to bring money so she and her friends could get in. At least I got an I love you out of it.

Time for some TV. Season opener for Ugly Betty and Gray's Anatomy.


captain corky said...

Enjoy your shows. I'm Tivoing Grey's and Smallville and I'll probably watch both tomorrow at some point.

Jay said...

I actually forget about Ugly Betty. I'm sure I would think it was good if I watched it. I don't watch a lot of network TV, but there are a few shows that I remember to watch. Mostly I watch them online or on DVD. Actually there are so many shows that I got so far behind on that I need to get them from Netflix and just spend a whole day watching them to catch up. Or wait til they all go into syndication.

Jay said...

P.S. How's Google Reader working for you? I'm actually having some trouble. Some blog posts aren't showing up in my reader for several hours and even some the next day. That's not really acceptable. I'm going through my blogroll right now to see how many have posted that haven't shown up in my Reader. Hope it's just a glitch and works better soon!

SpringMist said...

I love the parrot. Wish I could keep one.
Have u heard back about ur med test results yet? Wishing u good health.

I went to a hockey mad school.
Emily just started learning the ropes of the game. I think in about 3 months her team will be scoring big on the field!

Amanda said...

I love this birdy already, and hope you can keep him. Glad that Emily is doing well in hockey. You're going to laugh but I got a note yesterday, they want my son to join the hockey team too!

Portia said...

i'll be interested to see how the it works out with the bird too.
it stinks having something putt off like getting your braces off... but it will be so worth it when the day finally comes!

SOUL said...

i swear i thought that bird was dead. :>

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

So, don't tell me what happened cause I haven't seen Greys yet due to our visitors, but, did you like it??

Yeah, I have to agree with Soul, for a minute there, I too thought the little guy was passed on, or stuffed. Horrible I know...:)

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