15 September 2007

Foremost in my mind has been the bad news that my blogging friend Jamie got today. I'm sure some of you know her. She's about the kindest person I've met here, and she's been fighting cancer for quite a while. Please say a prayer for her.

The work week is done. Emily came to my shop today before I got off of work. She wanted her hair shampooed and asked who should do it. I said, sit in a shampoo chair and pretend you're a client. Someone will come over and do it for you. One of the perks of having a mom who's a hairdresser is getting your hair washed. We went to my cousin Myra's house when I got off. She was hosting a party for her daughter Holly, who lives in CA had a baby 6 months ago. Holly is my second cousin, and I'm good friends with her sister Jill, who's husband is my dentist. Jill and I have been friends since we were really little. I love being with cousins and aunts and uncles. We saw a bunch of them (first cousins) on Thursday and will see them again next Saturday.

It's been a quiet night. Emily went to the movies and I didn't do much. I watched an old episode of Brothers and Sisters on her computer. I didn't finish the series in the spring and want to catch up before the new season starts. I picked Emily up from the movies, and she's at her boyfriend's house for a while. And here I am. Not too exciting.

I'm going to read some blogs for a while. I hope to get to Panera's in the morning. That'll make me happy.


heiresschild said...

hi cheryl,

my prayers certainly go out to jamie and her family and friends, as well. God can certainly do what no dr can.

my daughter also got to experience the perks of a cosmetologist mom. she had more cute hair styles when she was in middle and high school than anyone she knew. she's married now and lives in california, but when she was here, i taught her to do my hair, and we'd do each other's hair. we both miss that now.

Summer said...

Jamie is certainly on my mind today.

I have a cousin named Myra too. It's not a very common name and I'm always surprised when I hear it.

My hairdresser fell, twice, the second time tore her rotator cuff and my hair is in a bad way. I don't know when, if ever, she'll be back to work. GRRRR!

Happyone said...

I will certainly put Jamie in my prayers.

I lived in Scotland for 4 years and yes it does get windy. It also rains a lot, but it is beautiful there and I loved it.!!

I asked at the front desk of the library if they could put up a sign or something trying to find people who could use the service. They told me they aleady have a brochure with the information in it. I am happy to have one person now and I'm sure more will follow.

This was one of these times when I didn't know weather to answer your comment on my blog or on yours. :-) As you can see I opted for yours.

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