19 September 2007

I just finished a healthy broccoli/tofu stir-fry. Low-fat popcorn is popping away in the microwave. What I really want to eat is creamy, full-fat ice cream. Lots of it. But I'm not. I'm determined to get these few pounds off. The tendency to be heavy runs deep in my family, and I'm the only sibling who's always been slender. My father's mother was very hefty. As is my father. And my 2 sisters, till Lisa had her surgery and major weight-loss. My brother is 6'3" and built like a former linebacker. My mother was always slim, till after she had her stroke. She loves to eat; that and having a clean home are her greatest pleasures. So, I have to be very careful. I eat oatmeal every single day for breakfast. I have a salad every single day for lunch. I eat raisins and granola bars and yogurt and cooked vegetables for snacks. It isn't that I love these foods, it's just what I need to eat to maintain my weight. I love ice cream and candy and pizza. And all-you-can-eat buffets. I love to eat. Which is why I'm on a diet now.

I had no plans to write any of the above. I got a little wordy because I had coffee today. At work! I finally got up the nerve to call my doctor's office about my sonogram results. The receptionist told me that the results were negative. I was so surprised! I was happy, but perplexed. Should I just ignore my symptoms? Am I a hypochondriac? My doctor called me about an hour later. She's ordered a few more tests, but told me my symptoms are common. I hope that all these tests turn out to be an expensive waste of money and time. I do feel much better just having today's good news. I drank the coffee to celebrate.

The other good news is that the Dell technician came to my salon today and fixed my laptop. I have a new keyboard. Who said extended warranties are a waste of money? I love my laptop and I missed it greatly while it was drying off. Hello laptop. That's it's name. I'm not very original.

Well, let me go wipe the chocolate off my fingers before I get any on my keyboard. I have no clue how that mini Hershey's extra dark chocolate bar got on my table and now all I have left is an empty wrapper. Darn.


marykay said...

I wish I had your ability to eat healthy, the closest I get is the Southwest salad at Mcdonalds. Which they are about to discontinue! You are not a hypochondriac better safe than sorry. Glad your laptop is up and running, what would we do without them?

Martha said...

Random candy wrappers end up on my desk, too! I'm glad I'm not alone.

Jay said...

Good news on the sonogram being negative. When tests like that come back negative it's such a relief that I don't even complain about the cost. ... Much. ;-)

I love stir fry. I get an asparagus stir fry at the store and put chicken cooked up in some olive oil in there with it. Good stuff.

Leaking Moonlight said...

I'm so glad your sonogram was negative. Try and shut the door on that anxiety until you actually have the other test results...

Anonymous said...

Of course it's great to have negative results, but then it is also frustrating to not have any answers though too. Only you can decide what it best for you.

I believe the best you can do is trust your instincts and talk to other people as a means to gathering information, but try not to assume that you have what horrible ailement "Jane Doe" also had similar symptoms for.

I wish we could eat together. We'd be good at keep eachother on the path to eating healthy together.
Take Care!

Amanda said...

I'm so glad to read that the results came back negative. I wish you heaps this kind of negativity! ;D

Ilene said...

At least it was a mini!

TAG said...

Once there was some question about something going on in my brain. The doctor ordered tests. When the results were in my doc called me and said.

"They took a look at your brain and didn't find anything".

er.... thanks Doc, but I thought we already knew that. LOL

Glad your test results are good.


Portia said...

healthy or not, all that food talk made me hungry:) i am glad to hear of your good news, the laptop tech that came to you, and especially the test results.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

I'm so happy to hear about the results..the fact that you took care of it by going to the doctor is smart. You did the right thing..
So, how'd that candy bar taste?
Your popcorn looks yummi!
I had some last night..but it wasn't fat free..it was full of butter..
That's going to help!

Dave said...

Broccoli!! My favorite vegetable!

Dell laptops... They certainly do have great warranties. Got my daughter's laptop screen replaced in under 36 hours!... And that's including sending it via Purolater and back. Impressive!

Happyone said...

You can always start walking again and then you could eat more. :-)

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

Soon I will post what I like to have for breakfast . It's a healthy fruit smoothie and it's really delicious.

Keeping the pounds offf and eating right along with exersice is a good way to live.

josie2shoes said...

I so admire your efforts to eat healthy and keep fit, Cheryl, I wish I had half your dedication. Had to chuckle about that little candybar. Those have a bad way of appearing in my cupboard too! :-)

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