16 September 2007

Earlier today:
Another morning of jumping out of bed and heading out the door. OK...I did spend about 5 minutes prettying myself up. There's something nice about just 'doing'. On work days, I'm up for 3-4 hours before I leave for work. I have my decaf (if I said coffee, it would indicate a day off--it's the only time I drink the stuff), I make my lunch, I shower, sit at my make-up table and leisurely make up my face. I have the Today show on and stop to listen to the stories that interest me. I clean a little, iron, take care of bills, or who knows what else. The time just flies. When you gt up and quickly leave, you're there. Of course, I could do that on a regular basis, but since I'm an early riser, where would I go? I guess I should say, it's great to get right out of bed and going on a day off if it means being in Panera with your laptop in front of you and a great cup of coffee. Cause, that's where I am right now.

I'm home with big laptop problems. It's as if something has taken over my computer and I'm afraid it's a Virus. I'm on the desktop computer with Dell's number in one hand a can of Trader Joe's italian style Espresso soda in the other.

To be continued...
Thank goodness for customer service. And for Dell. And for extended warranties. And, coffee smells better in a cup than in a laptop.

The Dell technician was very helpful. I told her that only 15 of the 26 letters on my keyboard were working. And that when I tried to type something into Google, that the letter r took over and multiplied. We tried a number of fixes, then she went about instructing me on how to take my keyboard out. As I gingerly lifted the panel, I was assaulted with the strong smell of coffee. And, it was wet in the space that had been occupied by my keyboard. With coffee. Now when I was at Panera, my coffee cup did spill over. But, no coffee came out. I assumed the cup had been empty, and was very relieved. Now I knew what happened. I wiped the computer inners off, and reconnected the keyboard. Now it didn't work at all, and I knew I had to fess up. I told her about the coffee puddles. She said that might be the problem. She ordered a new keyboard to be shipped to my house and the instructions that a technician would be contacting me within 2 days to install it. Because it's covered under the warranty that I extended in July!!!!! Hallelujah! I'll have to share Emily's computer till then, but that's a small price to pay.


SpringMist said...

I never knew you can take the keyboard out of the laptop. I hv a Compaq. I was contemplating between dell and compaq last year, and in the end I went with Compaq. Kicking myself because I never can seem to get hold of the tech guys.

The coffee seeped under the laptop? Wow, one of my worst nightmares.

Amanda said...

Oh vey. Coffee loves laptops but laptops don't like coffee. Glad it got sorted out anyway!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

suddenly I'm moving my coffee cup away from my life line of the world..
hmm,..you'd think that gates or whomever would come up with something that repells coffee-after all, the majority of computer users are coffee drinkers :)

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