28 September 2007

Friday night. Me and the bird, hanging around. Not doing much of anything. Tomorrow's coffee day and I can't wait. It's not just the caffeine. It's the atmosphere of being at Border's with my coffee that I love.

I had a slow day at work. I got my hair color done, which was a real treat. It's so nice to be on the receiving end of a salon service. I had my hair cut on Wednesday, so I'm set for a while. Working in a salon has it's advantages. I had a few cancellations today, and it was nice to have a little down time. My sister came in for her cut and color. It's when we catch up.

I'll be staying a little late tomorrow to help get the salon ready for the Cut-A-Thon we're hosting on Sunday. It's an annual event, and the proceeds go to the cancer center at the local hospital. I'll be there as a greeter, and to do anything that needs done. I've never cut hair for it--too outside my comfort zone. Emily will be there to help. Last time she walked around selling 50-50 tickets. She's not shy.

Well, that's about it for tonight. Wish I had more exciting things to write about.


Summer said...

I haven't had much time to catch up with you this week. But... You have a bird!!! I love birds! I had a parrot once, his name was Pete. Maybe he is meant to be yours, he seems so at home with you.

Now.. I want one too! UGH!

Billy said...

We will read whatever you decide to talk about. How nice of your business to do a cut-a-thon. I donated hair for that once. 13 inches they took off, yes they did! Here's to a night in!

Jay said...

I love going to either Borders or Barnes and Noble because i can "stealth read" books there. You know, books you don't want to actually pay for, but want to read. So you go to the bookstore and take it off the shelf and read it a few chapters at a time. It takes a few months to finish the book, but oh well.

Come on now, we've all done that!

Oh and I read about 100 magazines when I'm at the bookstore that are way over-priced considering I would only read them once and then throw them out.

captain corky said...

Drinking coffee in public is very exciting, especially when the coffee doesn't suck.

Have a good time tomorrow! I'll be painting outside, but I hear the weather is supposed to be awesome and I'll be drinking coffee and listing to music so it should be a nice day.

Amanda said...

Have fun! :)

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

that coffee art is really cool!!!
My starbux cup is empty, I'm still yawning...Can you pour some coffee for me and lets chat!!

josie2shoes said...

This all sounds very good to me, Cheryl. The simple routines of life that we take too much for granted. So much better than a life full of chaos and constant disturbance. I love the luxury of Saturday and Sunday mornings at my own speed, so I can easily relate to your Border's pleasures. Such a lovely atmosphere to write! Great that you and your daughter are helping out at the Cut-a-thon. Anything done for this cause is wonderful!

heiresschild said...

i love reading what you journal. you have a very peaceful, relaxing life.

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