17 September 2007

It's been a day of doing this and that. Nothing big accomplished so far, but... I've made great strides in cleaning up the room that Emily and I share. Her part is her desk and computer, my part is my crafts stuff. That I don't use. There is actually a lot of floor space that hasn't been seen in quite a while. Ditto with the closet. So, that's something. I've done the wash, read the paper, ironed clothes, vaccuumed. Like I said, this and that. The computer's been on, and every once in a while I hear, "You've got mail." That is always a welcome distraction!


SpringMist said...

What kind of crafts tht u don't do ?
Well hv fun :). My floor space has not seen daylight too.

Andrew said...

You busy body, you! :-) I love that "you've got mail" notification, too. Although I haven't checked email in months. I hope you are well friend and thanks for your comment today. You made a difference in my life.


Ilene said...

That was enough food for three people?

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

how did the homecoming dress shopping go???
Is this dance still a big deal? Or can you go with just friends of the same gender now?

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