12 September 2007

Morning! A sunny and cool one. I'll try to spend at least a moment out there before I head out. I'll be stopping by Border's before work...I saw a recipe in a magazine when I was there on Saturday, and I need to write it down. I volunteered to bring dessert when we go to my relatives' tomorrow, and that's what I'll be making. All I remember is chocolate and cream cheese. Can't go wrong with that. Later!


Happyone said...

It sure was a nice cool morning - great walking weather!
Your right, can't go wrong with chocolate and cream cheese. YUMMY!

Portia said...

ew yeah that does sound good...do tell what it is and how it turns out:)
i hope you're having a lovely afternoon!

jAMiE said...

I've been craving chocolate and peanut butter...Reese's peanut butter cups here i come!

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