16 September 2007

Just finished a great dinner. If I must say so myself. Grilled potatoes, and shrimp. And no, that's not my plate. We divided that up by 3. I also made roasted green beans to go along with it. Simple. The potatoes and shrimp were coated with olive oil and garlic powder. The green beans with olive oil and salt. Of course, now I want ice cream, but I can't. I had a bad day yesterday, and today I saw a picture of myself that strengthened my resolve. So, it will be raisins or a smoothie for something sweet.


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Ooooo. Such temptation. I am afraid that my own attempts at healthy eating was marred by a crab eating binge on my birthday.

Happy to hear that your computer woes has been resolved at minimal cost. The moral is coffee is bad for us and our computers!

Lynx217 said...

/me steals all the potatos and leaves the yicky shrimp BLAH LOL otherwise looks yummy!

btw, you've been TAGGED!

Andrew said...

Gosh, that looks delicious! Glad your computer woes were coffee and not something more serious. I once broke the LCD on my laptop, but was able to order another and install it so I am no stranger to these things happening. I am missing you today. Write for us when you get a chance and I will talk to you soon.


SpringMist said...

I love the grilled potatoes, they look perfect.
I am feeling kinda tired since yesterday. Catch up with u afterwards.

Jay said...

I love shrimp .. I mean LOOOOOOOOOVE shrimp. And I love potatoes too. But, I wouldn't have shared that plate with anyone. That would just be getting me started on the shrimp feast! LOL

Amanda said...

Oh this looks so delicious. And beans. Yummy!

Happyone said...

The word yummy springs to mind looking at your dinner!
I love shrimp and potatoes are one of my favorite foods - I can eat them anyway at all.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

that food looks so good!!! And I love the color of your plate..so beautiful! Where'd you find those?
Glad the computer has improved. :)
Darned things!!

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