05 September 2007

It's always such a nice surprise to visit someone's blog and see your name there. Jamie bestowed this honor on me.

If you've never visited her blog, I'd encourage you to stop by. She's an incredibly warm-hearted person, dealing with life with more courage than I could ever have.

I'd like to pass this award along to all the friends I've made here. You know who you are. Thanks for being a part of my world.


captain corky said...

Congrats Cheryl. You deserve it! I enjoy coming here everyday and having some coffee with you.

Billy said...

Hey girl! Whew! Talk about a work week from hell. Glad to be back, and I just read through a ton of your posts. I am totally mad I missed Em's first day of school picture. I remember last year's. Has it been that long? Wow! I am so happy to have met you. Hope one day we can all meet!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

Very very cool. You deserve this fine award. I can agree with her, I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!

Enjoy your fabulous day off today..and get some serious you time to prepare for more you time when Em's with her dad friday night.

SpringMist said...

U totally deserve the award Cheryl!
I love ur blog too!
And I always can't resist droping by.
How is Emily enjoying playing field hockey so far?
Have a nice day.
Hope u are feeling better today.
Wish u good health madam

Lynx217 said...

I second the blog love!

Happyone said...

I too enjoy reading your blog and congrats on the reward!

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