06 September 2007

I'm having a very scattered day. Not scatter-brained, just jumping from one thing to another without any order.

1. read entire Washington Post. I had canceled my daily subscription months ago (I kept Sundays) because I just couldn't keep up with it. They called and offered me free daily papers for 6 weeks (or months? I don't remember), so I'm getting it again. I'll go back to bringing it to work every day so everyone else can read it.
2. did 2 loads of laundry. I could write a story about my laundry system.
3. I spent a half-hour on the phone with a Verizon rep about my Fios bill. She was wonderful. The discounts the retention department promised me when I signed up for my Internet and TV service were not reflected on my bill. I.E. bait and switch? The rep made them happen without question. It just took time, and most people can't follow-through because they don't have it. Maybe they count on that?
4. I caught up on reading all my blog friends.
5. I made tuna salad, using my new Nicer Dicer. I also used it to cut up lots of summer squash.

6. Then I made this 'concoction':
-saute squash and Vidalia onions in a little olive oil till tender and caramelized. put it into a bowl.
-use the same pan to cook some Trader Joe's frozen Soycutash with some frozen TJ asparagus tips till done. Add to the bowl.
-cook some TJ frozen Biryani curried rice in microwave. Add to bowl. Mix. Eat! Bring the rest into work for snacking.

7. I just made copies of my Office Depot receipt from Monday's big purchases. I need a copy for every rebate. Filling out those rebate slips is next on my list. I know the rebate companies count on you not sending them in.

To Do:

Make a list Cheryl...you're just procrastinating! And with that, I bid you farewell. For now, that is.


Happyone said...

I love those kinds of days when you do a little bit of everything. Only problem, the day seems to fly by even faster!
You haven't mentioned walking lately. Still walking?
Enjoy your day!

Portia said...

nice list, it all sounds quite methodical to me. i love the nifty dicer! and the pictures, as always:) you got my interest piqued about the laundry system...

Ilene said...

Busy day; you put me to shame! How did the new dicer work? I had trouble cleaning celery out of the metal blades of mine.

Rick Rockhill said...

mmmm that looks really good

jAMiE said...

Mmm, is right..i think that looks good too!

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