10 September 2007

I decided to get up and out. Emily's walking around the house in the morning acts as an alarm. That's OK. I like to see her in the morning even if it's just to peek in my room to say good-bye. Today's plan was to go to my Mom's early but be back home by 2:30 for Emily. Turning my laptop on in the morning usually turns into a delay for whatever I have planned. Today I thought, get ready quickly and bring your laptop to Panera's. So here I am. This location is about 5 minutes from my parent's house, so I'll be there soon. I brought my breakfast with me and will eat with my mom shortly. I just called her to say I'd be there within the hour. I didn't say where I was.

I just spent about 20 minutes talking to a woman seated nearby. She said she's a librarian in Baltimore City and that her library has a coffee shop, free wireless and is a hopping place. That sounds ideal to me! We had a great conversation. That, this place, and the caffeine has me in a lively mood. The sun is shining, I'm sitting by a window. The only thing missing is the cinnamon crunch bagel with hazelnut cream cheese that I ate last week. At least I have the memory! Time for oatmeal with Mom.


CRUSTY MOM-E said...

Suddenly my cold coffee isn't as tasty after reading your post.. :)
But, I'm certain, you'll enjoy your oatmeal with mom today..and you'll be ready to turn in early tonight having woke early today.
How happy was Em to see you up with her in the morning?

Pri said...

ummmmm memories of cinnamon crunch bagel with hazelnut cream cheese.......ah wonderful! :p

heres wishing u lotsa happy moments like those ...

Andrew said...

I love these little rituals you have Cheryl. I would love to have a coffee shop nearby where I could browse and blog. Alas, I live in podunk, Alabama! LOL Emily must ride the bus to school. Have a great day and enjoy your time with your mom. Me and mom are going to go buy groceries together. I am waiting on her to pick me up. She can be slow in getting out of the bed on Mondays. Take care friend!

Dan said...

Turning my laptop on in the morning usually turns into a delay for whatever I have planned

Of course! Same for me. I should never turn it on before getting ready for work. But I can't resist.

I love Panera, by the way.

Jay said...

I love Panera. I first went there for the free wireless, but I discovered that I really love their sandwiches and their sweets! It's hard to find free wireless in this area, so it's a good thing that Panera is so good.

Billy said...

The library sounds lovely and cozy, especially with the weather getting cooler outside. Hope you had a great day with your mom and Emily.

Martha said...

I've always loved libraries. I actually thought about going to school to become a librarian! There's something about rows and rows of books and comfy chairs that appeals to me. I hope your day finished up as nice as it started!

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