15 March 2008

Emily has two friends spending the night so I'll probably be up late. Very late. I thought for sure I'd be the one upstairs or in the dining room, but they've been in the computer room and I've had the run of my domain. I made them quesadillas for dinner. Banana cream pie for the first dessert. Ice cream later. They've been loud, and having fun. I'm good with that.

My good friend brought her daughter in for a haircut. I wish I'd taken a before picture. Long, long hair, all one length. No bangs. Very thick! Here's how much hair I took off:

Here's the after picture. As you can see, she still has a lot of hair left. She was all smiles, and so was I. She thought it made her look much older, and it does. She's about 5'7" and going on 12 years old. Yup, you heard me right. She's just beautiful. I'm so glad she was my last client because it took a long time to cut all that hair.

I've had a quiet night here, downstairs. I watched last week's enhanced version of LOST (again), plus this week's episode. It was pretty confusing and I might need to watch that one over. I viewed it on my TV monitor through my laptop. Emily thought that was weird. I don't know why. It's much better to watch it on a 32" screen than my little laptop monitor. I also made a banana cream pie that I'll bring to my neighbor's tomorrow. They're having an early Easter dinner, and always request my pie for dessert. I haven't had it since Christmas, and I can't wait for a bite.

Well, I'm ready to do some reading. Catch ya'll later.


Billy said...

Hey you! I'm up kinda late also. Just a long day. Emily sounds like she is having a great time. The pie sounds wonderful, but my heart loves the fruit pies best.

Hope you eventually get some sleep. Breakfast in the morning?

Lena said...

What a beautiful girl and haircut. That must have taken a while to cut!

LOST was so confusing. I had to put a call into my son to explain things to me!

They were doing a back story and a future story at the same time. No wonder it was so hard to figure out.

Also, my son noticed that the date on Jin's tombstone was the day the plane crashed. I didn't even notice that, but maybe you did.

Even though confusing, it did have me in tears at the end.

Summer said...

Ummm...all that hair on the floor... can I have it?

Her hair cut looks great!

dawn said...

what a great cut, cheryl!

i love getting all caught up on your blog, misspriss. have a great sunday. (love your new profile photo!)

Amanda said...

I love her new look, how I wish I could go to you for a haircut!

Brad said...

I got so lost watching Lost I gave up. I like the show I just wish I'd watched enough of them to 'get it' - Have a great Sunday Love -

Happyone said...

She looks very pretty with her new haircut.
The banana cream pie sounds yummy!!

bonnie said...

I have trouble getting my computer to work with the t.v. I tried it New Years for an iffy slide show of my friends' photos.

heiresschild said...

12 yrs old? wow! and you're right, she had plenty of hair left. very beautiful young lady and haircut! i'm glad you were doing the cutting and not me! lol

i love "Lost," and i'm not lost watching it. i just have to focus to stay on-course with what's going on.

Gin said...

What a darling child and my, what most of us wouldn't do for hair that thick and that color!!

She reminds me of a young version of Rachel Ray. (With lighter colored hair)

Portia said...

it makes me feel different (older?) to say it, but it is so strange to see a whole generation of kids looking....well, not like kids. she is quite beautiful of course, but i would never have guessed she's 12!
nice haircut, by the way:)

Andfre said...

oh that photo of the hair is a real dogs breakfast! I am going to post it on my blog -- hope that's ok?

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