27 March 2008

It was a hands-on kind of day. First stop...the gynecologist. I saw a male doctor for the first time in about 14 years. He was the only one that could fit me in, and he was fine. I've been having the same abdominal pain that I had in 2007. He didn't find anything, so it's time for tests again. Oh well. On the one hand, I feel like I'm a hypochondriac. On the other, I'm being pro-active. I think that's the better of the two. I left there to have what I thought was going to be a massage at my salon for the literal 'pain in my butt' that I've been having. Wendy did an all over treatment that had something to do with fascia and connective tissue but no massage. Just tweaking something, with long periods of time in-between. Very strange. It was relaxing to lay on her table for an hour. It wasn't the massage that I'd wanted. She said I should be feeling very relaxed in a day or two. Hmmm. I'll let you know. That was part 2 of the hands-on. I met Bonnie and Karen and I think we were the first patrons at Cheesecake Factory. Here's picture #1. I think I look fat. And, that's an eggplant sandwich in front of me and I didn't eat the french fries. I'm saving my calories for the jelly beans in my locker. You know I'm a jelly bean addict, right?

We walked around the mall after lunch. Karen bought a new Vera Bradley tote for her camera. We went to the Aveda store so I could buy their Caribbean Therapy body creme. I love that stuff! I put it on my hands every night before I turn my light off. The sole clerk seemed thrilled to have our company. She served us herbal tea. We looked at the different products in the CT line, then used the body scrub on our hands. Afterwards, she massaged the body creme onto one of our hands. Not both. It felt half-wonderful! That was part 3. Karen and Bonnie bought the scrub and I got the creme. We walked through the mall with matching bags. We didn't mind.

We have our next outing planned. We're going to a wonderful nursery that has a huge gift and collectibles shop. Then we're having lunch at a great restaurant. (I like great and wonderful.) Our pattern seems to be shopping (though not for clothes...that's not for us!) and eating. Karen and Bonnie do a lot of walking so they burn off the calories. I'm going to need to get a move on, you know?

I talked to my father about the mice. He got them mail-ordered. One bag has 100 mice, the other, 50. That's a lot of shrimp mice. The snakes eat one mouse a week, each. I guess I'd be hungry for a mouse too if I only ate once a week.

Tonight's LOST and I can't wait. Hope everyone had a great Thursday!


Brad said...

I wish I didn't have such a 8 to 5 work life and could get out and play more. Maybe I just need to schedule lunch dates and just let the office deal with it. Looks like fun. - Enjoy your LOST - as I think I told you they losted me long ago. maybe I'll try again when it's in re-runs

Mary said...

You three ladies make a happy team. Those smiles make me feel happy.

It just doesn't get any better than Aveda. The Aveda spa in Tyson's Corner was always on my itinerary when I was in DC over a weekend.

The nursery sounds great. I know you'll all have a fun time. In the meantime, I hope your medical tests aren't too invasive and that a simple solution can be found.

I really like the pics of the three happy ladies. You are all beautiful.

Lena said...

Looks like you all had a GREAT day. Sounded like fun.

LOST seems to be a rerun tonight! I am not pleased.

bonnie said...

Love your post. But NO, that's ME who looks FAT. Ugh. I only walk 1/6 of what Happy One walks. You're actually going to count that as a REAL walk????? No burning calories here, not while Oakleigh sniffs and squats and sits down and cries to go home. I had great fun today.

fiwa said...

Ladies, please, stop being so hard on yourselves! I think you ALL look beautiful and happy to be together. It sounds like a really fun day, I wish I could come along sometime.


Jamie said...

I gotta go with FIWA, you are ALL beautiful!

The day together sounds like so much fun.

I hate going to the gyno...ugh. It takes me days of talking myself into it just to GO. But a necessary evil, I know.

Have a wonderful Friday Cheryl.


SOUL said...

happy friday to ya---

how dare you say you look fat--
why are we (women) so that way??
never happy with how we look? always.
and when we are-- it seems to be the ones who seem they wouldn't be. and that seems strange to me, but i am happy for those types of women. who usually seem to be 350 pounds, wearing latex capris, and halter tops!!! more power to em, i say---

but what about us??? why the unusual suspects, who feel obese when underweight- or goal weight???

or perhaps... the ones who could step out of a magazine-- suicidal over a zit-- or the wrong color hair?

what gives.

or how bout men?
flawless-- every one of them.. or so it seems. i know some who are very critical of themselves.. their appearance or whatever-- but it seems many who do look bad-- don't see it-- or still consider themselves God's gift-- y aknow?

anyhow-- don't know how i got on this jaunt-- when all i was trying to say was--
all of you look MAHVELOUS!!!

can't wait to hear of your next outing!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

you three look happy, and glad to be hanging out in each others company! that's the nice part and you all look positively glowing too!! That's what good friends will do to you.

I've never approached and Aveda product but now that you've mentioned it I'll have to pay more attention to it all when I'm around a mall, although that's not so frequent as it was during my teen years. :)

As far as the FM's, I'll never view Shrimp the same again!!

btw, the next outing that you ladies have planned sounds wonderful! I want to come.

Happy Friday!

oh yeah, interesting massage...bet it smelled good though! Are you relaxed yet?

Happyone said...

Great day and I love the body scrub!!!
I'm looking forward to our next outing.
I dreamed about Vera Bradley totes last night. :-)

Gin said...

Hey Cheryl...Drop by my blog, I have awarded you the "E" award! Stop and pick it up.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

you're so lucky to have fun friends like that - mine all live a distance away! I just realized you and Karen are friends when I was reading the same thing on her blog - lucky both! diane

Suzie said...

wow sounds like a fun time....

Moohaa said...

You look about as fat as I look anorexic, we'll just leave it at that. You three seem to have a wonderful time! And a massage, what a great day.
I'm glad you're being proactive. Better that then waiting til the horrid words "too late", you know?
And gotta say one last ew for the mice. Ew.

Portia said...

I love to hear about your get-togethers! It's nice that it has become a regular thing. And you always look fantastic in your pictures, by the way. I mean it. You are always showing off your great smile which makes all the difference. It has been quite the day here. I felt I deserved to sneak away to blogland momentarily and I'm glad I did. It was a nice escape.
'Till later...

Billy said...

Okay, all the fat talk needs to talk. You all look fabulous!

dawn said...

what a fun day, cheryl!
and you don't look fat.


Jamie said...

Just checking in with you, I know you are busy on the weekends, but wondered what was going on...

Work, probably. And friends, probably. And a daughter to take care of, definitely.

Have a great Saturday.


Mo said...

I am so glad you and the girls are making this a regular thing.

Friends are gifts we give ourselves and making time for them like y'all is awesome.

When are you going come and play with Brad, Fiwa, and me? LOL

Mo said...

Ooops, forgot this.

You do not, do you hear me, do not look fat. Not in the least. You're one hot momma!

I hope your tests turn out ok. Keep us posted. I'm adding a special prayer up for you, just in case.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

Hope you're having a nice weekend!
Did that Spa massage kick in??
It's your weekend now, I hope!
Much Springie thoughts,

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