17 March 2008

Guess where? Panera's at 4:00 in the afternoon, sitting by a sunny window. It's a quiet time of day here, one that I'm not usually privy to. I brought Em to her friend's house after school and this shopping center is practically right next store. Why rush home? I'll tell you about my day in backwards order. I went to Sam's Club before coming here. Their gas is $3.15 a gallon; much less than anywhere else. I went into the store thinking I might buy a $20 GO phone to put my SIM card in while trying to find a new phone that I'm ready to make a 2-year commitment to. The salesguy highly recommended the Backberry Curve 8310. The price at Sam's was ridiculously low, like $40-something dollars. I came here and checked it out on cnet, but of course can't make a decision. So, it looks like I'll holding onto Em's old phone that I very much dislike. (I made myself not say hate, Andrew!) I think I research stuff too much. Most people that know me would agree. I think there's really no consumable that doesn't have a 'con.' Anyway, I came this way after going out to lunch with my mother at our favorite Chinese restaurant. I had shrimp and broccoli and she had shrimp and lobster sauce. Their shrimp is always extra-large, not what you usually find in these dishes. I finally stopped ordering spicy dishes 'medium' and go with the heat the dish demands. It's much better that way. As usual, I was finished way before my mom and had to act content just sitting there. She asked if she ate slow. I said yes, but I eat fast, so it's OK. I don't really think I eat fast--my mother is slow as molasses. That's OK. Before lunch I went to Macy's while my mom read in my car. I went to buy my Estee Lauder cream blush that they apparently don't make anymore. I went with the powder formula, and tried to use a $25 Visa all access gift card that I've had for a while. I called from the sales register when I realized I had to activate the card. I needed to read the last 3 digits off the back of the card, and each time I gave it, I was told the number was wrong. I left my glasses in the car by mistake (I was wearing sunglasses) and couldn't see too well. The cashier tried her best to help but no number we gave worked. Then the person on the phone told me that I had been charged a $4.95 fee each month after the first 6 for an inactive account and that I didn't have any money left on the card, but she would make an exception and take all the monthly fees off. Great, but...I had to give her the 3-digit code that we couldn't read. I said I'd call back later. Geez! When I got to my parent's in the morning, I thought I'd go through the old recipe box. Since her stoke, my mother doesn't cook, and the box is crammed full. I thought I'd find the old family recipes and enter them into Word documents. It was like taking a trip down memory lane. The bittersweet part was seeing my mother's beautiful handwriting. She was left-handed, and the stroke affected her left side, so her right-handed writing is like chicken-scratch. Anything I see in her old script is a gift. I got most of the recipe box cleaned out. Most of the recipes were ones she'd cut out or been given, but never made. I need to do the same with all my recipes. (Will you prod me on Mo?) I stopped by the lodge on my way to my parent's this morning. They offered free shots of espresso as part of their Welcome Spring week. I had a small skinny caramel latte. Three shots. In my book that's a great way to start your day. And here I am, in Panera's drinking a diet caffeine-free Pepsi. Wishing it was 8:00 AM again. If this was LOST, it might be.


C.A. said...

Wish I could be at Panera to keep you company. I gave up on those all access Visa cards after an incident where I was charged twice for Little Girl's Prom Dress. Never again.

I hope you have a peaceful evening, Cheryl!

Lena said...

What a nice thing to type up all your mom's recipes, and then you can hand them down to Em. I so understand about seeing her old script as a gift.

Well, you had another busy day today. I wish I had your energy.


Mary said...

Lovely day even with the "3-digit code" incident.

I felt so lucky when I found Mother's recipes. I know what you mean about your Mother's handwriting. I felt the same when I saw my Mother's. I found five that I especially like and am going to frame them to use on my kitchen walls. They give me a warm feeling.

I need someone to explain Lost to me. I'm going to re-watch the last two episodes before this Thursday.

jAMiE said...

So wonderful, what you are doing with your mother's recipes, such a lovely idea.

You do research things very well i've noticed...i, on the other hand, impulse shop. You'll love the Blackberry i'm sure...picking out a new phone is fun though.

Moohaa said...

Sounds like a good day. That was so nice to transfer the recipes, they might be able to survive generations now. That will be nice.

Take care.

Mo said...

I will prod you on for sure!

I too am a researcher. I like to make educated purchases and decisions.

I'll eat with your mom. I eat slow unless I am super hungry and then I snarf.

Make sure you hang on to bits and pieces of your mom's handwriting. It is a treasure when the day comes. Of course you are already realizing this so I am speaking to the choir so to speak.

I almost made shrimp stir fry tonight for dinner but took the lazy way out and had left overs.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

You are the real one..and I love it right back to you!

Minus the gift card bs...that's frustrating!!

I've heard for cell phones that the LG ENvy is awesome, plus typing/texting is easy..and less dropped calls than through AT&Tcingular wireless...

I wish the days could go backwards somedays...But have a great Tuesday today!


Jamie said...

How awesome of you to type up all of your Mom's recipes - that is something that I need to do for my mom. I know what you mean about the handwriting, and the memory lane trip, it would be just the same for me. I really need to do it for her, but I don't think I can. Too many memories, too long ago, so many lifetimes...the past always makes me cry.

Happy Tuesday, back to work today?


heiresschild said...

those gift card fees are one of the things that consumers have complained about and are trying to get changed. i mean, what's the use in giving a gift card if they're going to assess those useless fees and then the recipient can't even use it?

i think that's a good idea of what you're doing with the recipes also. may your today be as wonderful as your yesterday!

SOUL said...

even a touchy kinda busy busy day sounds perfect in your world-- wanna trade for a day? week?
well.. just thought i'd try anyhow :))

happy tuesday!

Happyone said...

How nice to find your mom's recipes to go through.
I can't say I've ever had a problem with gift cards. Maybe because I aways use them as soon as I get them. :-)
Enjoy your day!!

Annabel said...

I'm like you - I over-research everything when I make a purchase like a phone or something electronic usually. I also spend a lot of time trying to find the absolute lowest price. But I have not been disappointed with my choices so there's nothing wrong with spending a little time checking that phone out.

captain corky said...

thank God my wife is thorough and researches everything, cause I don't research anything.

I would go with the Verizon though. Pretty soon they'll own the world and their phones are pretty good.

And I don't think there's any greater sin then a diet caffeine-free Pepsi. ;)

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

Ever since I posted my rant about the Panera bread near me becoming a social club for immigrants from the Ukraine I've been there twice now and not a single sign of any of them. Maybe someone at the top is reading my blog. :))

Luv from Beantown!!

Andrew said...

Not hating The Homeless Guy was a big step for me. I've read him do some pretty unseemly stuff. I wrote to him today that I love him and wished him a good day. He deleted it! LOL Bad history between us. It would serve me to follow your example and research more myself. Always great to get an update from you Cheryl.

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