09 March 2008

Today was supposed to be a short day, right? It sure did seem long to me.

I didn't change the time on my clock. Kit called at 6:00 AM and was surprised I was still in bed. I told her the clocks were changed and it was 5:00. Wrong, it was 7:00, so I got up. We met at the lodge. They had free shots of espresso to herald in the 'spring ahead' of the day. We hung out for a while, then went in search of more memory for her laptop. Staples was closed due to technical problems. Can you imagine? We went to Best Buy, but we had to wait for it to open. I had their weekly ad with me and saw they had Wii's advertised. Then we saw the line of people. It looked like they were letting groups of about 10 into the store at a time, and the crowd cheered each time a person exited with a Wii in their shopping bag. I asked an associate and was told they received 47 Wii's. There were 47 happy shoppers.

I got something BIG accomplished today, and took before and after pictures. I've wanted to do this for ages! Mo and Karen, I thought of you. You're both so organized.

I haven't transferred any of my 5000 or so pictures from the external hard drive back over to my computer. That's how many I would have lost if I didn't back them up. Right now I only have 1 folder containing 8 pictures on this computer. Do you have an external hard drive? Let my lesson be yours.

A bunch of us from the book club went to the movies last night to see The Other Boleyn Girl. There were nine of us. How fun! We (not me) read the book a couple of months ago. It was actually good to see it without having read it because I wasn't aware of how much of the story was omitted. Everyone liked the movie. We went back to Mary's house afterwards to eat, talk, laugh and drink. It was a great night out for someone like me who doesn't get out much.

Here's a few pictures I took last week when I was with my mom:

Mom asking, are you taking my picture?

The awesome TV.

Yes, it's a bathroom shot.

Mom at the mall with a pimped out ride.

My plans for tomorrow? Oil change at 8:00. Trip to the bank with my parents. Shopping and lunch with my mother. On my way home by 2:00. Who knows what else. The day is full of possibilities.

Hope your day was a great one!


Lena said...

Your closet looked great! Doesn't always feel great to attack a project that has been on the back burner for a long time?

Loved all the photos.

Always enjoy hearing about your days.

Andrew said...

Okay, that LCD television is just absolutely incredible! IT IS HUGE! I bet movies look awesome.

Mary said...

Your pantry puts mine to shame. Guess I have to make mine neat, too.

I'm so glad your last evening and today were fun and relaxing. The past several days have been stressful for you.

Enjoy your Monday. You have part of the day scheduled - make the rest of it your happy time.

Karen said...

Every cupboard and wardrobe in my house needs an overhaul and you have just reminded me how nice they actually can look when they're organised. I feel guilty now.

Sounds like you have been having fun which you certainly deserve after the stress of the Dell Debacle. I am seriously covetting that TV.

Moohaa said...

Great post! And my hope of getting a Wii is now put on the back burner. Guess we'll be waiting some more if the demand is that high.

Loved the pics. Your closet turned out great... wanna come over?! :)

Your mom looks like a real sweetie. Glad you had a good day! And you slept in, hey thats a plus!

Jamie said...

I'm so jealous that you have the time and gumption to clean up your closets...did i just say gumption?
Good heavens...

But I need to do so much of that, and really, I could care less. I keep telling myself, one day...


Your Mom is so cute.

Have a really good Monday.


Ilene said...

Nice post, and loved the pictures. Is that a food pantry? Where's the food?

captain corky said...

Great pics! I worship that TV...

I think I have an external hardrive. I got one when my last computer crashed I think.

C.A. said...

I'm so glad youre "back!" We have the same exact pantry, Cheryl, only mine is a mirror image of yours, on the opposite site of the refrigerator!

I LOVE that picture of you and your Mom in the bathroom!

Send me those pictures you wanted me to work on...I'm itching for a project today!



fiwa said...

Must we speak of closets and organizing? I might break out in hives. Yours looks really good though - I bet that FEELS good to have it out of the way.

I love the bathroom photo of you and your mom, that cracks me up. :)

Portia said...

It took me half the day to remember I lost an hour, and it was not a nice surprise. However, the extra hour of daylight is certainly welcome so I guess it's fair. I love the pics of you and your mom! I hope you guys had a great day together.

Leaking Moonlight said...

Your Mom's adorable.

Funny thing, I have my pantry in bits and pieces reorganizing too.

Except I've added a cleaners, table linens, and office supplies out, do-si-do element to it all. So I have an extra three cabinets in three other places emptied too and waiting their turn to rearrange.

And this is stage two of the great reorganizing campaign of 2008. (And that sound you're hearing is me laughing at myself.)

bonnie said...

Wow, your mother actually smiles. Even for photographs my mom can't get the corners of her mouth up. It's just not a place she goes.

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