12 March 2008

I've been feeling kinda blah lately. I know the remedy, but instead of acting, I'm just feeling sorry for myself. I need to exercise and I need to stop eating junk. The spring-like weather we're getting is depressing because I feel slug-like. Unprepared for a change of wardrobe. Maybe writing about it will make me act. I was hoping to find advice from the fortune in one of those foil wrappers, but the answer was not there. I know what to do (I write as I eat a Thin Mint).

Talking about food, I thought I'd write about the salad dressing I make every week. In my opinion, it's fabulous. I have it every single day. Today I had it twice. I don't even think it has to be just for salad--it could easily go into any pasta dish. Here's how I found it: I was eating lunch at work one day and couldn't help but notice how wonderful my co-worker's salad smelled. She told me how she made the dressing and asked if I wanted a taste. I loved it! She gave me the recipe (I'm pretty sure it's a Rachel Ray recipe that was modified) and the rest is history. The dressing calls for a food processor, something I didn't own. I borrowed my neighbor's, a Sears Counter Kraft from the 70's or 80's. She hardly used it so I asked if I could hold onto it until she needed it back. She was happy to have me store it for her. Well, I broke the little lip on the lid that fits into the motor that allows the machine to power on. Bummer! I found that I could get it to work by wedging a matchbook between the broken piece and the motor. Fine for me but I couldn't return it like that. Should I buy her a brand new food processor? I explained what happened, and understood that she felt sentimental about her old machine. I decided to start looking for it on e-Bay. Finally, I found the exact model! I bought it, returned her machine with the perfect lid, and now I have a food processor with a matchbook fix.

My favorite salad dressing

1 12 oz. jar of roasted red peppers, drained and patted dry
1 small clove garlic, chopped
2 T Balsamic vinegar
swizzle of honey
salt and pepper
3 T extra virgin olive oil

Put everything but the oil in a food processor fitted with the steel blade and start it up. Drizzle in the olive oil. Pour this liquid gold back into the empty pepper jar. The end.


marykay said...

I know how you feel about borrowing something, seems like thats when something breaks. Tim calls me the ebay queen I love it! buying and selling. The salad dressing sounds delicious I will have to make it. I like you eat them at least once a day. Have a great day, Am I #1 thats a first!

Esmerelda said...

I too am quite blah. Let me know if you find a remedy.

Blah Blah Blah.

C.A. said...

Cheryl, I'm going to try this dressing ASAP...it sounds HEAVENLY!

Hope youre back to not feeling blah soon! Now, send me those pictures so I can play with them!


C .A.

Mary said...

This dressing looks fantastic. I'm saving the recipe for Sunday's "usual green salad" that we all can't live without. My old processor looks like it went through a war, but I still love it.

I understand having the blahs. It happens to me more often than I care to admit - but then the grandsons come on the scene and it's over.

Summer clothes are going to be a challenge for me, too. The bedtime snack has to go.

captain corky said...

You're a real regular McGuiver! ;)
I hope you start feeling better soon and I know how you feel. I can't get motivated to get to the gym and I really want to go. Hopefully we'll both come around soon.

bonnie said...

That salad dressing sounds great, and easy! I can't wait to try it. That food processor story sounds familiar. Did you tell it to me once before, or is it just something that's just so Cheryl?

bonnie said...

OH, I like your new profile photo :-)

Portia said...

sounds delicious!
i know the blahs too, and i hope they don't linger long.

Unknown said...

Does your friend happen to have the manual to this food processor? I'd love to see a scanned copy of the manual as I have the same food processor that I refuse to part with but havn't use it in years and now that I want to I havent a clue how to use the blades.

Cheryl said...

Adam, I think I have the manual. Do you want to leave your e-mail address?

Unknown said...

Hi Cheryl,
I just emailed you at the email address associated with your profile here as I don't want to list my email on a public place where spambots can pick it up.


Anonymous said...

I have an old sears countercraft
food processor. I need the disc adaptor to go between the blades.
can any one help??? Thanks

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