13 March 2008

It looks like I'm the first one to post the group photo. Bonnie and I met up at Karen's house today. She has a great house, 100 years old, filled with wonderful collections. I'd seen so many of them on her blog, but it was so great to see them in her home. She has so many stories! You'd never know to see the three of us together that we'd only met once before, as a group. We probably know more about each other than a lot of older friends do, just through our blogs. There wasn't one awkward moment. The three hours we spent together flew by. Here's a picture of us in my favorite stamping store, that's around the corner from Karen's house.

We went out to lunch. I had Bonnie's favorite dish: fish tacos. They were great! We went back to Karen's house, and I got a look at her red Corvette before heading home. Make sure you go to their blogs to read their version of our day. I feel so lucky to know them and have them live so close by. I met Bonnie as a client in my salon. Karen found me by pressing the 'next blog' button and took interest in my post about walking. She's the walker, and I'm not, but I'm glad she found a post that brought her to me.

I didn't do a whole lot more today. My neighbor Kelly did my taxes. I made a ham and pineapple pizza in the cast iron skillet. It was good, but the crust is still too thick for my liking.

I'm heading upstairs for some reading and then LOST. I'm finally caught up and can watch it in real time. Yes!

BTW, Someone is reading the same book as me, though they're probably finished. Who's reading Duma Key? I'd love to talk about it.


bonnie said...

Sounds like you had a really fun day, Cheryl! I did too. It was fabulous spending the morning with you and Karen. I love having girl friends and it gives me such JOY to know you. It is so remarkably EASY.

Portia said...

fabulous picture! you guys all look happy. glad to hear you shared some good times together.
the pizza looks good too:)

Happyone said...

I too enjoyed our time together. Seems like we've been friends for years.
I look forward to our next day out. :-)

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

HI My dear friend!
That pizza looks delicious! Peach pie too? ;0)
awesome gorgeous picture...awesome for all you glorious ladies! xoxo

Mary said...

Three friends sharing the day. What could be better. I'm so very glad that you all met and enjoy each other's company.

Dave said...

I have never met a fellow blogger but I have no doubt that to experience meeting someone for the first time and not having any awkwardness must be an interesting experience. One day maybe! :-)

Moohaa said...

That pizza looks down right scrumptious! Yummmmm!

I have Duma Key on my Amazon wish list, waiting for money to magically appear in my account.

Glad you had a good day with fellow bloggers.. how exciting!

Summer said...

I'm so glad you all had a good time.

They have WHOLE stores devoted to stamping?

C.A. said...

I'm so jealous that you have blog friends close by. I didn't know you were into stamping, Cheryl!

Ham and pineapple pizza is one of my favorites. How do you do it in castiron? I'd love to try it!

Happy Friday!


SOUL said...

how cool... it sounds like a great time..

hope you have a great weekend

Brad said...

What fun ! - I'm glad you all made the time to meet up. Wish I was closer. I'm so glad I got back in to blogging and found this group, It's much more fun than my first blogging experience.

fiwa said...

Awww...look at those three beautiful ladies! Sounds like such a fun day. And your pizza looks so good, it's making me rethink my lunch plans. I was going to have sushi, but now I'm thinking PIZZA!

PS No Poo and One Condition arrived yesterday, tried them out today. I LOVE them! I'll send you an email over the weekend.

Cindy said...

I listen to books on disc, I finished Duma Key a few days after it came out, I love his books! It was pretty surreal. I commute an hour each way to work, it's a good way for me to catch all the latest books! I buy them and donate them to our very small local library that doesn't have a budget to get many books on tape or cd.

Gin said...

I am reading Duma Key...but reading has been like a sleeping drug to me lately. I pick up the book as I lie down for bed at night. I get about a page or two and zonk out! The main problem with that is, Duma Key is a big heavy book! I konk myself in the head ...zonk...then konk! LOL I'd love to discuss it IF I ever get done with it! I should get the CD too! at least maybe I wouldn't get headaches from the thing hitting me in the head!

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