19 March 2008

Yesterday was an emotional day. It started with Emily oversleeping for school, which isn't a good start to the day for mother or daughter. That set the tone for me and it was hard to shake. I did my first new client, and that was great. Then I had my color done, and again, I did it too dark. I'm so careful when I do my client's hair, yet for my own I'll say, oh, let's just do this. Without much thought. So, my nice light highlights that fixed my formerly dark hair barely show through my dark reddish hair. It will get fixed and I won't let it happen again! Then I met my second new client. She had the worst hair! Thin, frizzy, wire-y, misshaped. I was amazed at how terrible it looked. I had to make myself not tell her too many times how much better it would look when I was finished. It looked 100% better! It transformed her. That made me (and her) very happy. Then I came home and had a bad night here with Emily. Whew.

This morning was good. I made a card for a friend. It was good to get those creative juices going early, and put me in the mood to make more. Emily and I had a fine morning. I'm ready for the day.


Mary said...

Sometimes boys oversleep and get up on the wrong side of the bed, too. Been there, done that - it's never pleasant. Glad yesterday is over for you and Em. And glad that today looks and feels better.

Happyone said...

Glad things went well with the new clients.
Having teenagers is like being on an emotional roller coaster. Good news is that they do grow up. :-)
Hope your having a happy Wednesday.

fiwa said...

I'm sorry yesterday was a rough day. But that's great news about your new clients, I bet the frizzy hair lady feels so good about herself now.

Today will be a better day - and I hope you enjoy it.


Andrew said...

We all have those days!!! Don't they stink? I had a bad day a few days ago and I was so glad to wake up to a completely new day! I really, really like your new profile image. You look 18 again! Have a great day today and thank you so much for that card you sent me a few weeks back. I appreciated it so much.

Mo said...

Sorry about yesterday and glad today started off better.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Good thing every day is a NEW one! Any advice on thin, fine, bodyless hair? I'm SO sick of the "bob". Diane

ellesu said...

Maybe you could start an online *hair advice* blog. :)

Or invent some better way to color hair. You know, somthing quicker so you don't have to sit and sit and sit and....(all the while looking like a creature from out of space.)

heiresschild said...

hi Cheryl, i'm glad your today was better than your yesterday. hmmm, this sounds like a Beatles song. lol!

i don't like it when i don't get my color right either, but i love experimenting on my own hair.

i still have your Christmas card on my desk. i'm getting my this year's Christmas designs ready before i leave for california, and i'll work on them while i'm there so when i return, i won't have much to do. you and another blogger really inspired me to make my own.

i was reading your comments on my blog about "Lost," and you were saying you thought Jin didn't make it off the island, but Sun was visiting his grave, unless she did a memorial plot since he didn't make it off the island. anyhoo, we'll get this all figured out eventually. lol!

Jamie said...

I wish you could do my hair. I'll bet your hair looks great, it always looks great.

I remember the days of unhappy teens, which made for an unhappy mom. Ugh. It sounds like you have a really good relationship with her, and that makes for a much easier life. The hard times pass, seriously.


Moohaa said...

Hey Cheryl, sorry to hear about the yucky morning and times with Em. I can't stand it when I'm at odds with the kiddos. I wish I could fly there and let you give me a perfect hair color and style. Sigh.

Did you know I dreamed of Panera's? Never even seen one before, but I dreamed about it. Weird.


CRUSTY MOM-E said...

ahhhhhhh, the oversleeping days. I recall too fresh in my head as well. Coming from someone that generally was an early riser, I can understand how a simple lapse of time and throw off even the most gentlest sweetest teen..
If I ever overslept, I was a BEAR when I woke, rushed around, NOTHING worked, my hair hurt to brush it,and I was always a raging nightmare to my poor mom dealing with me oversleeping..so naturally I can totally see how yesterday went, and I know that feeling. I'm glad you expressed it in regards to how it impacted you, because I for one, have one more thing of respect in regards to my mom back from those days..gosh, what us women do to our moms when we're younger..even if we're good girls, we're girls, and that comes with moods..the slightest switch of patterns..WATCH OUT!

But, you fixed the frizzie lizzie so that's a good thing!!

Here's a a great thursday!!!
Any plans for Easter? A meatbal-er, uh, peach pie, I mean? :)

Smiles...think of the beach!
Always your friend,

Dave said...

SOmetimes we can have the worst possible days with our kids and yet they often serve to remind us how important they are to us. We often learn from the mistakes we make with eachother. I have no doubt that things will work out... They probably already have.

SOUL said...

ya, teen girls and moms-- they just don't go well together , do they?
glad it got better :)) for both of you.

i had to laugh about the lady with the bad hair-- i have a haircut appt today-- finally-- thank the hair gods. but i know the hair lady is gonna freak when she sees my full head of BOZO hair. it's such a mess. i swear. at least 3 maybe four months without even a trim. :(( a mess i say. i'm in hair hell!

hope you have a great day!

oh ps- the dog is like 7 years old-- not a puppy.. just a very stressful day i think-- it only happened the one time-- so far. :((
she's a great, playful, happy dog-- but sushi really doesn't like her much-- :(( (yet)

captain corky said...

Glad things are off to a better start today with Emily. Did you you have any coffee today?

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