21 March 2008

Is it better to keep up with reading blogs or keep up with writing them? Right now I'll write. The weekend is a slow time and I'll catch up then. Some people read without commenting but I just can't seem to do that. So, it's Easter this Sunday. My family doesn't celebrate, except with food. That's how we do all the holidays. My brother and sister-in-law have invited the family over for Easter dinner. I made a practice cheesecake yesterday, and I'm glad I did. I'm really not much of a baker, and learned a few things. I used lemon curd instead of raspberry on top of the crust. I think I like the raspberry better. I should have made the sides of the crust thicker. The pie should have baked longer. I put my cast iron skillet with water in it on the shelf below the cake to catch drips. I wonder if that made it not cook through? It wasn't runny, just a little loose. Next time I'll use foil on the shelf below. Was it still delicious? Yes! And beautiful with all the apples and almonds on top. I'm giving most of it away, which was the idea. I'd weigh a ton if I had to eat it all. I'll know exactly what I'm doing when I make it again tomorrow.

I'm writing this at the coffee shop. It's a nice way to start my day. The place is just packed! One of the things I love about it is that although it's a chain, it really brings the community together. I'm sitting here drinking decaf. Aren't I good? I'd love nothing more than a cup of dark french roast, but my hands need to stay steady! I'm hyper enough without the added 'boost'.

Spring is popping out all over here in MD, though not to the point that people need to mow their lawns. The trees are starting to flower. The daffodils are up. The smell of mulch is in the air. The robins are everywhere. The moles in my lawn and garden are making tunnels. The weather, however, is getting colder. At least the sun is shining.

Well, I'm off to work. Have a great Friday, ya'll (Sarah S., I always think of you when I write that word!)


Brad said...

The weather sounds quite like here in Seattle. The moles however haven't come out of hibernation. I'm really going to have to work on them this year. Yhe make such a mess. Hope your day is pleasant. I'm taking it easy one more day and try and finally kick this bug.
later-gater !

fiwa said...

I know what you mean girl, it is hard sometimes, keeping up with all the blogs I like to read. But I feel like I've missed out on a substantial part of my day if I don't go by and say hello.

I'm in a funk right now and not feeling like writing anything anyway, so it's balancing out for me.

PS - Brad must be high from all the cough syrup - it's not sunny here today! ;) It is cold though.

I hope you enjoy your day - all this talk about coffee is making me want to go on a starbucks run.


Happyone said...

It sure does take a lot of time reading and writing blogs, but at least it keeps us out of trouble. :-)
Sounds like you have a good start to the day.
Enjoy the rest of it too.

fiwa said...

Figured I would come answer you over here -

No, I have never met Mo. I just started reading her blog through Brad. The weird thing is, I have a feeling we live very close to one another from some things she has said!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

I'm in that same situation...read or write..because I can't not comment when I stop by..I don't know why.

Your weekend sounds good!! How far is a drive from Greensboro NC to where you're at roughly give or take a few minutes?


Moohaa said...

I want your cheesecake recipe! I'm pretty okay at baking. It's the one type of cooking I enjoy.

I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Gin said...

I love it! I always feel guilty if I don't comment but it's tough some days to post (I joined Blog365) AND comment. But I feel like I miss something if I don't at least check in every other day or so!!

Mary said...

First, Cheryl, if you read my blog entry for this evening you'll understand gigging. I bet you get shivers - I do too when I think of it now. Young and foolish, I was.

I've come to truly enjoy reading the blogs I visit on a regular basis. I most always comment. It's like having friends from all backgrounds and from all over the country. Something I missed after having retired.

Mo said...

I'm gonna hijack this here blog. :)

I have not met Fiwa IRL and like she said, I think she and I live closer than we think. I'm almost betting we have passed each other somewhere in town and had no idea.

I am hoping to meet her and Brad one of these days.

But when she said it wasn't sunny today, I had to wonder if we really were in the same town because it was sunny for the most part today where I was.

Now that we have established this...HA...back to you. I hope you had a great rest of your Friday.

Anytime you want to bake and share is a great thing for all involved! You're so good to the peeps in your life. I hope they appreciate all you do.

SOUL said...

it was 80 degrees here yesterday-- but windy-- ick!
and our yard is three inches high with grass, weeds , and other spring like stuff that needs to be mowed down..

ever wonder why women say mow the lawn and men say cut the grass?

one of my life's questions.

yep-- i have lots of weird unnecessary questions. but i do wonder sometimes.

anyhow--- enjoy your day--and happy easter !

dawn said...

i love how you make practice cheesecakes.

Rick Rockhill said...

Cheryl- I totally understand, I have been so flipping busy that I've not had time to visit and read everyone's blogs lately, but I maintain my posts to keep it fresh. hopefully SOMEONE will enjoy it...

Happy Easter to you and the family~

heiresschild said...

have an enjoyable Easter sunday dinner with your family Cheryl.

SOUL said...

happy easter!

Portia said...

good question! that is, whether to keep up with the reading or the writing. i don't know what i would do with myself if i was suddenly all caught up.

all this talk about cheesecake makes me want to make one! the classic kind with the fruit topping is my favorite.

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