02 March 2008

I'm feeling more content than I have since...last weekend. That's not such a long time. The week was filled with grief over my technical issues but the time I've spent in Panera's has calmed me. I might have to stay for a few hours! I'm going to devote a few sentences to these issues, but no more. I did send a letter to Michael Dell. What good it will do? Who knows. I got home last night to find that my operating system was 'corrupted'. The Dell tech thinks it probably occured when the motherboard was replaced, and everything on my computer has been lost. The laptop is back to factory settings, a clean slate. If I hadn't bought an external hard drive two weeks ago and backed up all my data and files, I'd be weeping. I've only lost what I've added in the last two weeks. The Dell technical service also affected my wireless connection. I have very poor connectivity and spent a few hours on the phone with Verizon last night. I'll mention this again only when I have something positive to say.

It's very quiet at Panera's for a Sunday morning. Even if it's only 8:00 AM. I'm not a classical music fan, but I'm digging the music this morning. I'm sitting at a table near the window, and it's a bright and sunny day. Emily spent the night at a friend's house near this shopping center, and I'll pick her up when I'm done here. I haven't mentioned much about her lately. As you can imagine, her world is quite different than it was 5 weeks ago when she and her boyfriend split. She's home. She's spending time with friends. She's on the computer a lot more. She's staying after school and doing weight training. Tomorrow starts softball practice for school, three hours a day, five days a week. Emily really wants to make Varsity. Last year was her first time playing softball, and it was for a rec league. She really is a natural. She and her dad spent a few hours yesterday practicing, and he's taking her to the batting cages today. I am so looking forward to the softball season. I just wish it were in warmer weather. I'm sure I'll be wearing my long underwear to the games. I hate to be cold, but I'll be cold for my daughter.

Well, I don't want this to get too long. Happy Sunday friends!


fiwa said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying a peaceful morning at Panera. I could kick dell in the heinie for you. I have all my fingers and toes crossed that they'll work it all out for you, TODAY.

I don't want to say poor Em, because I know she's a strong girl, but I thought she and JD were getting back together. I'm glad she's moving on and doing her own thing though.


Jay said...

I'm pretty sure I would never get a Dell. You aren't the only blogger I've met that has all kinds of trouble with their customer service and tech people.

Does Panera serve breakfast? I've actually never been there that early. Hmmm... must check on that.

Jamie said...

Your morning at Panera's sounds wonderful. I would love to have a place to go that was like that.

Having no boyfriend at Emily's age is a good thing, but can she see that? If she's like mine were, it was considered a bad thing. I'll bet she is enjoying her new time - and for her and for you, I hope it continues that way.

You have a beautiful day. Our weather is supposed to be warm-really warm- and then snow tonight. Ugh. Maybe yours will be spring like too?


Lena said...

Your morning sounds delightful!

Sounds like Em has many activites to get involved in and keep her mind occupied. That is a good thing. She will feel better when she is focused on something that is important to her like making Varsity.

I think you should write that letter to Michael Dell. He should know. I bet many people don't take the time. AND you should get some sort of compensation for all the time and poor service.

Good luck.

fiwa said...

Hey lady - I sent you an email to your "myladeda" account that's in your profile. Thanks!

Brad said...

Sorry about the tech troubles Sis -But it's a good reminder to do a full back up. I hope your Sunday is fun. Post a pic of Em in uniform when you get a chance ?

Happyone said...

Glad to hear you are having a nice quiet Sunday morning.
Sorry to hear about all the trouble you are having with your computer.
Your pizza looks very good.
I'd love to meet you at the mill. Maybe you could come over to my house and we could walk over there.

SOUL said...

i wanna spend a sunday morning with you one day-- even when you seem a little edgy you seem calmer than me at my most calm. how-do-you-do-it??

happy sunday

SpringMist said...

Hey Cheryl! Glad to see you are back again! Writing to Michael Dell,!!LOL. My HP is crazy too, wonder who should I write too? Many people swear by Apple but it is too pricy for me. Maybe if u can afford it u should consider a Mac.
I bet Emily will make it to varsity! She is going to be really busy.

Rick Rockhill said...

I just got rid of my Dell and have a thinkpad now...its OK. My other half has a sony vaio and hates it.

ps- I like panera too

Anonymous said...

8am morning coffee times are a great way to start your day!!

I can see Em wearing Varsity!!

Happy still your weekend!

Moohaa said...

Sounds like a good morning to me. So sorry about the computer. I'm glad you're a good backer-upper. Not looking to good for the old Dell folks though.

Good luck to Emily! She'll do great.

azure said...

The start of softball season was always a huge deal around here. Susanna could NOT wait. Of course, when we got into the higher travel teams, it never ended which was fine with her. Never enough softball as far as she was concerned. She played little league, lower travel, then higher level travel, then gold. she was recruited by several colleges including the University of Oregon where she has a scholarship and a very successful collegiate career. She's now the student assistant coach.

Just now, at age 23, she says, you know, there are things that interest me besides softball...

Go Emily, have a great time playing school ball

heiresschild said...

hi Cheryl, i'm really so sorry about all of your computer woes. that is such a terrible thing to have happened to you. i would not only write Michael Dell, but i'd write to my commissioner or congressman or senator. some people may think thats a stupid idea, but since you're dealing with a problem with a public business like Dell, it's not a small deal to our leaders in office. they're there to work for us. i do hope things get resolved real soon.

Mo said...

Glad you are feeling content and so very happy you are only losing two weeks worth of stuff.

I am still trying to recover the death of my desktop.

Amanda said...

I'm happy you had a good Sunday. No better way to start the week!

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