23 March 2008

It's a quiet sunny morning here, but probably the calm before the storm. The teenager, you know, but that's all I'm saying.

Has anyone seen the Macbook Air? I was checking it out at the Apple store last night and it's amazing. I imagine one day all computers will catch up with the great designs Apple comes out with. I spent the evening strolling around Annapolis Mall with Kit. We had dinner at Nordstrom Cafe and I had the best tuna melt ever!The mall was packed. It's always interesting to see the diversity of the shoppers. One part of the mall is very high-end. Another has shops like American Eagle, Hollister, Abercrombie, etc. where you'll find lots of younger people. Then there's everything in-between. The play area is SO loud. We went into a jewelry store that faces it and I asked how they put up with the noise. They said they learn to tune it out. It was nerve-wracking. We wound up in Border's with our decaf drinks. A large table next to us was taken up by a group of very nerdy kids playing some kind or game. Two of them had headbands on their foreheads with some kind of metal logo. Next to them was a table of midshipmen from the Academy in their starched uniforms doing schoolwork. The mall is a great place to people-watch. I didn't buy anything.

I made another apple almond cheescake last night and a Jello chocolate pudding pie to bring to my brother's house today. I just finished making Jello Jiggler Eggs too. I have a basket of Emily's favorite candy in her Easter basket, heavy on all things Reese's.

I hope that whatever you day holds, that it's a happy one.


Jay said...

Happy Easter!

I've looked at those MacBook Airs but I'm pretty sure I would break it. haha

Happyone said...

I have seen the MacBook Air and its really cool.
I love tuna melts - I'll have to get out that way and try one there.

We aren't doing anything special today - just a regular Sunday.
Happy Easter.

Lena said...

Teen years are so hard. I had boys and "they" say girls are harder. Just remember, it takes a while, but this too shall pass.

Happy Easter and have a wonderful celebration with your family.


Brad said...

You didn't get any freakin pics of the hot midshipme....

Oh yeah, Happy Easter. God bless Baby Jesus.

(I'll talk to you about this later...)


captain corky said...

It would have been sweet if the Nerds wound up rumbling with sailors.

Amanda said...

I am a little envious that places are open on Easter Sunday over there. Here everything's closed. Today AND tomorrow. But that's ok too. :)

Jamie said...

Oh the cheesecake....heaven, I'm sure. I think it's a good thing you and I are not close location wise, or I'll just bet I would weigh a ton! And since we are on the subject, why don't YOU?

Teens....ugh. They do grow op though, and become worth it. LOL

Happy, happy Monday!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

you could find me in the loud play area..

ahhhhhhh teens..we all come from that time, and it's never easy no matter what the circumstances..,..


Too bad they didn't make bunnies on the ladders like they do your adorable elves!! :)


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