31 August 2008

I was just checking my blog to see if I wrote about going to the gym on Friday. I didn't realize Thursday was the last time I wrote. Where did the time go? It went Away. You know the place I'm talking about. I drove Emily and her BFF Leah to school on Friday with the plan to walk as soon as I got home, but then the rain came. I decided it was finally time for me to park my car at the community center next to the pool and check out the exercise room. It's included in our homeowner's fee. We have two community centers and two pools. The guy working the desk offered to show me the equipment, and I decided to try the elliptical machine. Can I say I hated every moment of the 20 minutes I was on it? I didn't know how to slow down. I think I did 3.2 miles in 20 minutes. There were no games I could play like I do with swimming. Wah. I didn't like it, but I'm going to go back. I'll try the buttons and figure out how to manually program it. I also tried the different pieces of equipment, but again didn't really know how to adjust the seats or other movable parts. I did know enough to set the weights of each piece to the lightest setting. I went to work after coming home and getting ready, and I was tired out all day. Sore but not too sore. Saturday kicked my butt at work. Most days are easy and just flow. Saturday I ran late and almost every haircut was a complicated one. I was running on empty, but the day finally ended and I got to go to Borders. Thank goodness for Borders. When I got home I went to the pool to swim. I know I'm in rambling mode now. I brought Em to a friend's house this morning. She was invited to go to the National Zoo with the family. I ran errands...Sam's Club, Staples, Target, then Border's for my favorite drink. I went to the community pool where I grew up for the annual Labor Day party, and hung out with my sister, sister-in-law, mom, Kit, and a bunch of women from my book club. I swam laps, even though I was still so sore from last night's mile. I'm crazy sore now. Despite the fact that tomorrow is the last day the pool is open, I'm staying away from the lap lanes. I might go to the pool just to lay around. No parties, no plans. Anyone doing anything fun?


TAG said...

A x^2 + B xy + C y^2 + D x + E y + F = 0

Were you looking for a formula to define an ellipse?


TAG said...

Well now that you added a few words to the post my comment doesn't make much sense. Sorry but that.

Guess you had to see the first version of the post.

At least I thought my response was funny. Hope you did too Cheryl.


beachgirl said...

I wish I lived closer I would teach you how to use the machines. They are easy to figure out. I also use free weights. Remember to keep it low, start out slow, low, slow and many reps.
The machine you were on is brutal. I don't like it at all, but I use it on leg days.
Now the thing is to not give up, keep working at it. You'll do great and have much more energy in the long run.
The rain finally left today. So I went for a ride tonight. I feel deprived from no beach time this weekend. Hopefully tomorrow the rain will stay away and I will get some beach time in after the gym.

Moohaa said...

So Cheryl, how are your muscles? Are you really seeing/feeling the effects of all your swimming? Your arms and legs must be in great shape!

Love ya!

I have no kiddos right now, so I'm having a quiet evening with the hubby man.

Billy said...

Let's see... work, work, and yes, more work.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I hope some of the soreness has worn off by now. I echo the take it slow sentiment posted earlier.

SOUL said...

sounds like maybe i should start hidin out at borders-- i mean hangin out. :))

how's your day so far?

my hairs easy to cut-- but i guess rednecks just don't get it. ugh. fear keeps me from gettin my hair cut here. if i was rich i'd fly over and have you cut it.

nothin is ever easy for me.

anyhow-- i hope your day is a good one-- relaxing and fun.

heiresschild said...

we have free aerobics in my community clubhouse once a week, and at the municipal center once a week, so i'll be starting back this week. i have a lot of energy (translated mild anxiety) that i need to work off. a lot on my plate and i need an outlet to work some of that off so i can have the right kind of energy to carry me thru all that i have to do.

Mo said...

I'm a treadmill girl myself.

From your twitter comment, I used to think I would like to go to the gym with someone but I have found through the years I prefer going on my own.

I could use the accountabilty aspect of working out with someone but if I can't be accountable to myself, I've got issues.

There was a time I wouldn't step foot in the gym without my husband but once he started to deploy, those days went by the wayside. Wait, so did he. LOL

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