02 August 2008

I got the apple and whipped cream topped pancakes. Yum! I don't think I walked enough to burn off those calories. At least I got the kid-sized portion.

We went to DeWayne's after breakfast and Em, Leah and I bought new Vera Bradley purses. Mine just holds a few things...camera, cell, and credit cards. Great for traveling. We drove in earnest from there, and arrived at the beach about 10 minutes after Kelly and her daughter Natalie pulled in. The girls rushed to the beach while we adults put all the stuff away.

The view from our balcony

Kelly and the girls went out for errands, Mom took a nap, and I headed out to the beach. It was really humid and windy, but I managed to read a whole People magazine. It's a tough life. We're all in now, it's storming outside, and the adults are getting ready for bed. Oh, and I have 4 bars of Internet service! Great news for an addict like me.


fiwa said...

Oh girl, soak up some heat for me, please!!

Those pancakes look pretty scrum - but holy cow, if that's the child size I can't imagine how big the regular size is!

Lena said...

I am so plain, I always order eggs at CB, next time I will live it up, those pancakes looked so good. Kid size is a good idea!

Water so beautiful!

Hope you are getting some sleep!!


Summer said...

It was very windy while we were there too. A first. Only one day was humid, another first. Enjoy today.

Happyone said...

Those pancakes look oh so good - and you know how I love pancakes.
Vera Bradley - nice!!
Great view from your balcony.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

i love the pics on the previous post and the views are beautiful!! enjoy your vacation!!

I keep hearing about Vera Bradley? Is she a sister to Vera Wang?
I'm so removed from that--

enjoy your internet on vacation but enjoy it with stress!!


Billy said...

Wow! What a view! Beautiful beach.

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