19 August 2008

I meant to write yesterday. Yesterday I was energized. I shopped at Super Walmart. I made a Tomato Pie. I swam 35 laps. I visited an indoor pool to see if it had winter potential. I had all kinds of things to say. That's what I remember about yesterday. It's the short version.

Today I worked. I had one interesting client. That's not true; everyone's interesting. I'd done this client once, 4 weeks ago, and she made me uncomfortable then. Very intense. I imagine she felt out of her comfort zone. I knew she wasn't happy with the way I dried her hair. Still, she came back. It wasn't any easier. Conversation was...halting. I like a client like Bonnie. I turned her hair green and she was cool with it. Didn't ask me how someone could be a hairdresser as long as I've been and mess up a little. I'm doing Bonnie's hair this week. I wonder how she'd look in fuschia?

I'm tired out. TTYL!


TAG said...

I have a very nice lady who cuts my hair. Whenever she asks me about how I think it looks I tell her it doesn't matter what I think.

Whether it is a really good job or a really bad job, I'm telling anyone who asks who did it. I figure that is incentive enough to get a good effort every time.

Have a great week.


Moohaa said...

LOL If Bonnie is turned fuschia, I demand pictures! You must have done something right if she came back. But you have to wonder, if they are only going to complain, why would they return?

Summer said...

She'd look great in any color.

Glad to see everything is ok there.

bonnie said...

Fuschia? It might be a little strong. How about baby pink? I could go for that, or a nice grass, lime green, my favorite color, with a little purple tips. Oh Cheryl, we could have so much fun. Let's do it.

Happyone said...

I was going to suggest pink for Bonnie, but I see she already considered that. :-)

fiwa said...

Actually, I think pink tips would look really cool. I have a friend who has her hair done like that sometimes - I love it.

You know - I have the blow dry problem. I usually like the cut, but I hate the way people dry my hair. Most of the time I just ask them to leave it wet. Maybe that's the way this lady feels - maybe she loves the way you cut her hair. Who really cares about the blow dry anyway, it only lasts for one day.

I hope today is a good day. :)

Brad said...

I was thinking Fuscia (or pink )with a bright yellow sunburst offset to one side. Bonnie could wear anything and still be a hot chick!

CrystalChick said...

Thanks for stopping by!
I was just at my friends shop today discussing what to do with my hair for our anniversary trip later in the year. I actually took in the DVD of the Thomas Crown Affair (I'm giving a copy of that movie away on my blog for the giveaway too as I'm that obsessed with it) to show her Renee Russo's hair and ask if I could ever pull it off.

And I didn't read the whole post because I'm soooo tired and going to bed soon, but I saw the bit about having 11's between the brows... I've got them too, turning into crevices for crying out loud. And people wonder why I photoshop everything. LOL
Peace, Mary

Portia said...

What a Monday! 35 laps is awesome!

If the lady came back, she must like something you did, although I'm sure she's no Bonnie:)

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