09 August 2008

Wah, wah, wah. Traffic on 95 S was horrible. Sometimes it moved at 80 mph, but for the most part it hovered at 30, or 5 or 20 or a standstill. Wah, wah, wah. We're only about 3 hours from my parent's house, but who knows how long that would really take. 5 hours? 6? So, we're in Colonial Heights, VA in a Knights Inn bordering on the bad part of town. I got two rooms...one with a king for the girls, and two doubles for Mom and me. Remember I said I'd never sleep with her again? The manager told us where to stay away from and that he'd keep an eye on the girl's room. I told Emily not to leave at all without me there. We'll be fine. They want to go to the mall and the movies. I'm too tired. I want to drive to the historic part of town with lots of neat shops in converted warehouses. They think that will be utterly boring. We're going to drive over just to see. Mom's snoring in bed as I type at 7:00. I'd be happy watching TV. Stay tuned.


Mary said...

I-95 can be a real pain in the tush!! I don't envy you that drive. I haven't driven it in a while but I don't think I ever saw it without either construction of mega wrecks. Glad you're in and safe.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Be safe.

Summer said...

OK so next year do what we do. Drive down Sunday morning starting at 4 a.m. Come home on a Thursday morning, preferably 11 days later. It works.

I hope you get some cool shopping in tonight.

I'm sure all will be safe. Don't worry. I've loved all of your pictures and vacation stories.

Brad said...

The historic part of town with cool shops is 'boring' ??? what's wrong with those girls. I'd be with you in a heartbeat. I love that stuff. Safe journey friend !

SOUL said...

i hated sleeping with my mother. :))

you are too kind to get those kids their own room-- or is it self preservation??? :))

be careful on the road --
have fun-

fiwa said...

Hey - they've had a week at the beach, can't they sacrifice for you?

Drive safely.
lovins -

Lena said...

Always hard to make everyone happy with the activities. Funny how teens never tire from the mall.

I know it is the boys that are different!

Hope the rest of your ride goes smoothly and safely.

beachgirl said...

As a total road warrior. Summer traffic sucks on a good day. Your traffic sounds like mine a few weeks ago coming back from Cape Cod.

I hope your hotel wasn't as bad as you think it is. As for the girls. Nope on the shopping and movie while on the road. Go do some historic sightseeing. I always keep it quiet while on the road to and from.

Have a better travel day today.

marykay said...

Be Safe, So smart to get 2 rooms! Hope you got sightseeing and shopping in.

Jenny said...

I have been in that situation on I-95 ... it's awful. Be careful and I hope you have smooth sailing all the way home!

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