07 August 2008

It's a quiet night at the condo. I'm here, alone. Well, my mom is sleeping. Kelly and Natalie are out shopping. Emily and Leah are sitting out by the elevator with boys. I'm just out of the shower...at 9 at night. I stayed out on the beach till 6:30. It was heavenly. I've been listening to Nickel Creek and Keane on my mp3. Great music. I fell asleep with my chair reclined all the way, under the umbrella at the water's edge. So peaceful! Here's what I was doing just before I had to shut my eyes:

I finally finished a magazine. Woopee! So much for all my reading material.

There's some kind of bird that picks in the wet surf for little clams and sand crabs. It looks like an ugly black bird, not your usual tern or other beach bird. I tried my best to get some good shots, but didn't do very well. Everytime I got a little close they flew away.
Walking the surf line

Found it!

Got it!

I can't believe tomorrow is our last full day here. The week went by too quickly. There were so many things I wanted to do, but doing nothing at all prevailed. Tomorrow I want to walk the beach to the left of our condo and check out some of the other condos. I want to go back to the big condo complex a few buildings to the right of ours to hear a singer that performs at their outdoor bar. I want to go to the local fish store and buy fresh shrimp for dinner. And I want to do nothing at all. I'm going to need an early start.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Wow, I can't believe it's been a week either.

Have a great last day.

Summer said...

Enjoy your day!

marykay said...

The week has flown! Enjoy your day!

Happyone said...

Vacations always seem to go by faster than regular days.
Enjoy your last day!!

Portia said...

What a perfect vacation! Long lazy days on the beach. Good company. New foods and entertainment to boot:) I've just caught up on your beach trip and am happy to hear it's been such a good time. I hope your final day is a good one!

Jenny said...

I'm like you, Cheryl: nothing at all! Please someone allow me to do nothing at all! I'm glad you've had a nice time ... but it will be nice to get home too. It's always nice to go home.

beachgirl said...

enjoy your final day

safe travels home

Summer said...

I'm thinking about you tonight. The last night is always a sad one. Have a safe trip home.

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

I love doing nothing during my vacation. That is what it's all about...sometimes.


Jamie said...

I'm guessing you are home by now---it did go by quickly, didn't it?

It sounds like it was such a heavenly vacation, actually doing alot of nothing...most of put waaay too much into our vacation time and end up coming home, needing a vacation...

I hope that walking into your home felt as wonderful, there really is no place like home, is there?


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