23 August 2008

I'll take a quick break from reading and commenting on blogs to write a little post.

I'm such a creature of habit. It's Saturday night and I'm at my Saturday night place: sitting at an outside table at a local Starbucks. I ate the vegetable burrito from Baja Fresh that I love. I bought an oatmeal cherry cookie from Starbucks. I'm at the table I usually sit at. I went into Starbucks before eating my burrito to buy my cookie. I feel I should buy something since I'm sitting at one of their tables. I told the barrista that the table was really dirty and she asked if I wanted a rag. Ah, youth. It turns out it was a field hockey player from Em's team. I said yes to the rag, and while outside I cleaned the other open table because I'm a mom.

Thanks to all of you with your kind words of support and wisdom for what I'm going through with my teen. Jamie said something that really made me think. I'm really fortunate, so far, that I can 'shake off the sad'. Sometimes it takes longer than other times. If you had asked me 6 hours ago if I'd be sitting here at an outdoor table doing something I love to do, I'd say no way. I was distraught then. I'm fine now. I'm fortunate.


Summer said...

I hope everything is ok when you get home.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I'm glad you had a break to do your well-loved routine. It's important to care for yourself.

fiwa said...

Yes, as Ruth said, care for yourself. I think that is so important.

Enjoy your Starbucks time, sugar.

love you -

Jamie said...

You are fortunate for many reasons Cheryl.

Hugs. Seriously, hugs. :)

Brad said...

Hope you have a great Sunday, Curly.

Rick Rockhill said...

I like that veggie burrito from Baja Fresh also. Hope it helped calm you down a bit~

beachgirl said...

You will survive the teenage years. I promise. And hopefully with your hair still intact.
My daughter and I still snip at each other, but not nearly as bad as we used too. And she lives with me again. And she's almost 27.
Find something for you that will keep your stress down for the next few years. Walking and swimming are great. Hit the pool when she's driving you nuts. You'll never have such a great workout for sure. I used to roller blade like a demon when my kids were teenagers.

Happyone said...

I am such a creature of habit too!!
I like your new profile picture and those flowers are amazing after all this time. :-)

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

It's not easy raising kids in this environment. I have an 18 y/o son and a 17 y/o daughter. I love them both equally but my daughter seems to bring most of the drama into the house.

Have a cup on me, Cheryl.

Gin said...

You need some YOU time!! Life is constantly on the move and things change so quickly. That can be a good thing.

Those cookies sound yummy!!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

You are being thought of.

My parents are too.
Thank you to them for what I did.
Thank you to you for you being Em's mom.

Hard is change.
Growth unknown hard to exchange.
Communication broken.
Trust unknown.
Guilt will rule this relationship
but not for too long.

I understand.
Now, both sides.

Xo to you
and the part of life that has changed.


CRUSTY MOM-E said...

I really mean it! I remember emotions from times that were hard.

I really understand.


jAMiE said...

Thinking of you Cheryl...take care.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

Monday and it's nice out, right??
What are some of your LJ's from today??


Summer said...

I have a three year plan to move to the beach. I think it would be great if you went too...

Portia said...

LOL @ the lazy barrista. I remember when the obvious didn't occur to me. (Just that one time of course;)

I'm glad that even with all you're going through, you were able to relax and enjoy the evening, and count yourself fortunate.


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