05 August 2008

There was such a nice breeze that the temp really wasn't an issue. At least not down at the beach. We drove over to check out the fancy pool. I dipped my finger in the water and it was salty. Strange, but much better than chlorine. The pool was big, but there wasn't much else special about it and there were only a few umbrellas for shade so we decided to skip it. So, another day at the beach. Time is flying and I want it to stop! Another lazy day of riding the waves, laying in the shallow surf, and sitting on my beach chair. I don't think I even read one page of my magazine! Too busy doing nothing.

The lifeguard was just OK

One more picture of my feet, but check out that ocean

My 'portable' beach set-up

I'm getting way too dark. I use #30 sunblock, and stay under an umbrella every moment I'm not in the water. The problem is that I'm in the water so much.

I came in at 5:00 to make dinner. Didn't want to, but it was time for me to be responsible. Made the girls chicken strips, mozzarella sticks and corn. Not very colorful, but tasty. Kelly took the girls out shopping while I made the adult's meal: Salsa chicken with rice. I covered everything in foil and went back down to the beach till 7:30. It was so wonderful! Such a peaceful time to be out on the beach. We had a late dinner, and I've been enjoying my first stay home night.

And now, I'm ready for bed. I need to rest up for tomorrow!


fiwa said...

That sounds like a heavenly day. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself.


Mo said...

I am so very happy for you and this time at the beach.

Allow yourself to do nothing. You are always on the go. It is good to slow down and just be.

I love how you have kept us up to date. It is almost like I'm right there too!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Oh Cheryl....for the most part, it sounds and looks like heaven....enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. HUGS!

SOUL said...

isn't it great to do nothing and feel good about it???

ahhhhhhh--- i loved getting away-- looks like you did too--- looks fantastic.

i thought i was the only mother left alive that cooked two meals for the kids vs adults. so good to know i'm not. :))
or is it?

happy everything to ya :))

Portia said...

I LOVE your portable set up! What a way to spend the day:):)

Billy said...

I get it...

I will live my vacation through yours. I am now officially jealous.

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