22 August 2008

I decided with all the swimming I did yesterday that I didn't have to walk this morning and would catch up on blogs. There were too many to catch up on, but I made a dent. I've been outside on the porch and it's been a nice cool morning, but I wish I'd walked. I can't do it all on a work day.

Yesterday was great and busy. Panera's in the morning. It's been ages since I've done that. I went to my parent's from there and spent about an hour getting my father back online. Then Mom and I went to our favorite Chinese restaurant. It was great! I only ate half and asked for a to-go box right away so I wouldn't over eat. I'll have it for lunch today instead of my usual salad. We went to Bed Bath and Beyond, then back to my folks. My mom was ready for a nap, which worked out great. I went to Homegoods next and took my time browsing. I bought a new set of sheets. Then it was on to the grocery store. Ladeda. Home again and into my bathing suit. I find that I play little games to count my laps, and yesterday I did something different. I found a very small plastic bead that I'd move from one grout line (at the end of the lap lane) to another after every 5 laps to help me keep count. I count in fives. It's so easy to lose count of the 5's even. Sometimes I'm coming back after swimming my first length and can't remember if it's the first lap or second. Anyway, the first is first, of course. Then I say 2,2,2 on the second. Next is middle. Next is the one before the end, and the 5th is the homestretch. Then I move my bead and take a drink of water from the bottle I put next to the ladder. Doing it in 5's makes it easier. Yesterday I swam a record 40 laps. Having my little ritual made it easy. I imagined in my mind I was swimming the English Channel, and 40 laps was a pittance. I walked the length of the lap lane, and it's exactly 100 of my feet. I have to do the math. Anyway, I picked up Emily after field hockey practice and had dinner. Then mowed the lawn. I slept like a baby.

Time to get ready for work. Happy Friday!


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I sometimes do games like that too to keep myself going. I've even been know to pay myself a penny for every ten minutes or so exercised and then use the money for new clothes.

Congrats on the 40 laps. That's an impressive total.

Mary said...

Glad to know other folks play games in their mind to keep them moving. I do it all the time. I think I'm just a natural lazy old gal but I try to keep moving.

You always seem to accomplish so much in a day. I wish I could.

Jenny said...

I play little games when I exercise too, Cheryl! I walk up and down my steps ten times each "session," but to remember the number of times I wear a purple hair clip on my hand ... I start by puttng the clip on the pinky of my left hand and each time I get to the top of the steps, I move the clip to the next finger. When I'm at the pinky of my right hand, I know I'm done and it feels so good! I bought some new sheets this week too! They are very soft.

Billy said...

What kind of stroke do you use when you swim? Freestyle?

Happyone said...

You sure had a busy day.
Wow that's a lot of laps!!
I don't need to play games when I walk but I play little games like that when I have something repetitive to do too.

fiwa said...

Dang, I bet you DID sleep like a baby after doing that many laps. You go girl!

Martha said...

Yay! I thought I was the only one who did those little "mind games" while exercising. It sounds like your day was wonderful and I envy the fact that there's a pool so close to your house. No such luck here. Ah well.

Cheri Pryor said...

You don't know me....I clicked on your link from Pioneer Woman and thought I would send a shout out before you wondered for DAYS who in the world came to visit from Folsom, California!

Your swimming dedication motivates me...now if I can just get up off the couch. =)

Jamie said...

I am inspired by your determination at swimming...walking. You are part of the reason that I am back out there, too. It has been such an uphill battle for me, but I am really making progress! I haven't been able to do what I am capable of now for years and years. I suppose that last years surgery has been needed for quite some time and little by little, my strength was going away. Unfortunately, it is only coming back the same way...little by little. But that's okay, I'll take it.

You have been on my mind alot recently. If you ever need to talk, I am SUCH a good listener. And I try NOT to give too much advice...LOL. We all know what an expert I am in my own life...teehee.

Big bear hugs. :)

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