01 August 2008

Surprise! Our economy motel has wireless. Woohoo. I can't believe I'm gonna have to share a full size bed with my mother. Waaah :(/ I have a hard enough time sleeping alone. The room has 2 full size beds and is roomy but dirty. I pulled the bed away from the wall to find a plug and it doesn't look like it's been vacuumed in about 50 years. I am so glad I brought my own pillow. Oh wait...I have my camera. Let me take a few pics.

And the girls...

They're painting their toes Teal blue while texting/IM'ing and doing whatever. You know my bare legs are not touching that carpet!

The drive down was fine. Lots of stopping. Coffee at home, Border's and Starbucks. Will I sleep tonight? The hotel is right by a huge outlet center. Mom and I ate at Outback while the girls ate at Dairy Queen. Then we browsed the outlets. I'm really not a shopper and the car is packed to the gills. No one bought anything. Yet. I think I'm going to drive to the outlets when I wake up and do my walking. That's all the plans I have for now. We could have driven to Myrtle Beach tomorrow, our check-in day, but it's hard for my mom to be in the car for so long, and it's nice to not have the first day be a driving day.

I'm gonna see if I can go to sleep. I'm a little skeptical. TT Y'all later!


Jay said...

Back in the day I would stay at the cheapest hotel I could find. Now I have some standards. LOL

I'm sure they NEVER move the beds.

Drive carefully!

Happyone said...

I've stayed in my share of cheap hotels too!

I'm up early this morning. A load clap of thunder woke me up at 4:30. I stayed in bed till 5:30 and now I'm up reading blogs. I'll go walk when the thunder storm passes.

Hope you had a good nights sleep.

Sarah said...

One of the perks of youth - you don't care how dirty the floor is when you're with good friends and having fun. I think you posted a pic of yourself in your driving dress last year - not this year?? :)

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