29 March 2008

It's almost midnight so technically Sunday, but this is my Saturday post. Work was fine but Saturdays don't fly by. All easy clients but one. This was the third time I've done her color and cut, and I still don't feel comfortable with her. She's been coming every 4 weeks, which means we see a lot of each other. Maybe next time there'll be more of a connection? She's traveling at least 40 minutes to see me. That's a lot. Anyway, I planned to be home tonight, chauffeuring Emily and her friend to and from a school dance that ended up being canceled because of poor ticket sales. Emily's spending the night with the friend instead. I called Kit and she asked me to drive with her to VA so she could see and take pictures of her condo that's been renovated in anticipation of a new renter. I was the driver. The cherry trees are at the start of their peak, and I took these pictures from my car window. Traffic was stop and go, and I was mostly stopped for them.

Kit's rental condo is probably about 45 minutes from her house. She had brand new keys for her 'new' locks. Well, the locks weren't new, and the keys didn't fit, so we never got in. We had a good time getting there, though.

We made our way back through DC to go out to dinner. Kit works in town, near all the 'hip' restaurants and we went to her favorite Indian one. We stood by the bar while waiting for a table and Kit ordered two glassed of chardonnay after glancing at the bar menu. The bartender passed us the drinks and Kit gave him a $20. He looked at it, then told her it was $30. For 2 glasses of wine! Kit had glanced at prices per glass on the menu and it looked like most of them were $8. Why ours was so much is a mystery, but it was correct and she paid. Soon after, another woman came by the bar area and Kit told her about our wine. The woman decided she'd have a blood orange martini instead for the low price of $8. I would have had one of them too, had I known. Anyway, I had no clue what to order. It turns out that although it was Kit's favorite Indian restaurant, she always went there with someone who advised her on what to order. Great...two people who didn't know what to get. Fortunately, the woman sitting next to me talked loudly. She said that the Black Cod was absolutely to die for. I decided to give it a try. It was fabulous. I don't know where the 'black' came from. The fish was pure white thick medallions of deliciousness. I would have it again. Kit had lamb with spinach that was delicious but very spicy. We split some sort apple dumpling ring and spicy ice cream dessert served with an orchid. Very pretty. All in all, an exotic evening out. I'll have to make a point of going into DC more often. It's not too far from where I live, and there's so much to see and do there.

Well, this is long enough. I'm sure I'll be writing more 'tomorrow.'


Jay said...

I love Indian food. I've only been to a few Indian restaurants, but I've really enjoyed each of them.

Mary said...

The only thing I miss in retirement are the regular trips to DC. My cherry tree is blooming and it makes me think of the mall area. Festival is first week in April, I believe. If you go please look twice - once for me.

SOUL said...

you always end up doing the coolest stuff!
and you know me.. anything involving FOOD thrills me. :))
sounds like a fun time.
although i may have fainted paying that much for wine-- i wonder what it was by the bottle??? i have never been a wine person.

anyhow-- hope your sunday is good to you

Lena said...

What a nice day and I agree with Soul, you always end up doing cool, fun stuff.

Love the pictures.


Billy said...

Dinners sounds divine! I have only eaten at one Indian restaurant, and it was buffet. Not my thing. Hope you are having a wonderful day. I am getting my hair done and will probably think of you and your guests.

fiwa said...

The question is - was the wine good? They mark wine up so much in restaurants, it would probably only be a $15 bottle if you bought it at a store.

I like indian food, but I've only ever been to buffets, so ordering off a menu would be hard. I'm glad you enjoyed what you ordered!


Rick Rockhill said...

those are great pictures Cheryl, I love Cherry Blossom trees.

Happyone said...

The Cherry blossoms are always so pretty.
I've never been to an Indian restaurant before.
Maybe I should give it a try sometime.

Gin said...

I love the cherry blossoms! I can almost smell them. My reaction to Indian food seems extreme to me...I either LOVE it or HATE it. But I'm always game to try anything once!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

I just read on Sunday about how the Cherry Tree's are blossoming out in DC..and then you're there!!

Hmm, did the wine taste like it had Gold flakes in it? The blood orange martini sounds really good, I wonder what was in it??

IT sounds like a fun nice evening. I enjoyed Georgetown in DC when there..we stayed in Virginia, near ohhhhhhh man, now I can't remember the name!!

The client factor, she must not be very good at socializing in her words, but sounds like she admires you based on her actions of driving that far..
Happy your weekend!

Portia said...

beautiful shots of the trees! i love DC, it will always be one of my favorite cities.

bonnie said...

I didn't realize I was so behind on reading your blog. Sorry. I've missed a lot. When I worked in DC my favorite part was the majesty of the city. Driving in from East Capitol Street through the neighborhoods down by the Library of Congress would just fill me.

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