07 March 2008

Possible great news update!

I just got a call from Banktec, the company that does Dell's installation. Somehow, the service tech has my parts and asked if he could come to the salon today at 2:00 to install them. The parts were ordered yesterday! This is the same tech who's worked on my computer in the past and always did a great job, not the one who was a constant no show. I have my hopes up! I thought of leaving for work early today, but decided to watch my show (next post) and leave on time. If I hadn't been here, I wouldn't have gotten the call, and my laptop would have been at home. The only problem will be can he test the internet connection? I'm willing to take a chance. I"m feeling happy.


Jay said...

Hopefully they will finally get that thing fixed and you will be good to go.

C.A. said...

I hope this does the trick, Cheryl. I miss hearing from you!

SpringMist said...

Hey! Fingers crossed :). And ur computer is pretty new right, this craziness should have happened at all. Dell oh Dell (:

dawn said...

my fingers are crossed, too, cheryl.
i have been so busy & barely able to blog,
muchless read all of my beloved blogs.

i hope it all works out for you, dearie.

bonnie said...

Is it working???? Hope so. I can't imagine you without functioning internet technology. Phew.

Portia said...


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