20 November 2008

I'm not bored, therefore I blog

If you're bored, what do you write about? I'm sitting at a table at the Starbucks near the Aquatic Center. I like to come here after swimming if I don't have anything pressing on my agenda. Today is different because I didn't swim. Do you remember my saying the pool would be closed from the 10th to the 17th? That I was thinking about going on Tuesday before I got burned? Today was the big day, even though my shoulder still hurts after a week of rest. So I get to the pool and there on the door is the sign: "Sorry for the inconvenience but the pool will be closed for an additional week due to weather delays." I knew I should have called first. I asked if the locker room was open so I could at least shower. When I go to the pool, I just throw some clothes on over my bathing suit and leave the house. I was looking pretty scruffy today with no make-up and bed head. The person at the desk was nice enough to walk me over to the athletic part of the complex to use that locker room. That's when I looked in my bag and realized I forgot a towel. So, here I am at Starbucks, un-swimmed, flat-chested (no bra), frizzy and make-up-less. At least the Internet is working. And my shoulder is resting.

On to squirrel matters. As much as I complain, they sure are entertaining and I'm a secret enabler, about to come out of the closet. And I have a story to entertain you with! Have I mentioned they climb from my deck up the corner of my house to the roof? They straddle each side of the siding and climb. I haven't caught that part on 'film' yet, but here's the corner:

The squirrels climb into the gutter, then disappear. I'd hear them on the roof, but it wasn't till a few days ago that I figured out what they were doing. I'd hear them on the roof, then all would be quiet. I had an 'aha' moment and ran to my bathroom window to look out onto the roof of the garage.

That's when I saw a squirrel wondering how to jump onto the berry-filled pear tree that's missing the big branch that until recently overhung the roof. The squirrel scurried this way and that, then took a flying leap and missed the branch, but caught on the trunk. What a sight! The next time I heard the squirrel climbing up the siding I ran up to my bathroom window, and there it was again, on the roof. This time it totally missed the tree, but I didn't see the landing. Fortunately it survived and climbed the trunk. And there you have my new form of entertainment. And exercise. You know, running up the stairs when I hear them climbing to the roof?

Here's looking at ya

Anyway, the Internet service was very spotty at Starbucks. I kept losing my connection and finally gave up. I ran into the grocery store for red grapes. Emily loves them and I can't keep them in stock. I passed a gas station that had regular gas for $1.74/gallon. I thought the $1.82 I paid on the way to the pool was good. Oh, and here's a random thing. On the way to the pool I was passed by at least 3 State Troopers speeding somewhere. When I got to the pool there were 3 hovering helicopters nearby. When I drove into my neighborhood there was a hovering helicopter above. I'm always frightened of hovering helicopters.

It's after 1:00, and it's finally time to shower. I have a conference this afternoon with the Chemistry teacher, administrators, my ex and my daughter. A fitting activity for a day like today!


Brad said...

Your little friend is cute. It's kinda of like having Squirrel Olympics going on on your roof.

It always bugs me when I see a big police event somewhere and then go home and there's nothing about it on the news. What were all those cop cars for?

Jay said...

One time I was driving down the street and I saw police cars coming at me with their lights on then I realized I was the car in the helicopter's spotlight! I almost freaked. I pulled off and just as the cops got near me they all of the sudden sped up and blew past me and the helicopter lit up somebody else. That was kind of scary.

Moohaa said...

That squirrel is just about cute! I saw the saddest thing the other day. A squirrel had a bunch of tape stuck to his fluffy tail. I felt so bad for it and yet it was this huge reminder of how we treat our neighborhoods can still affect wild critters.

Your gas prices are amazing. Ours is still around $2.20ish. Enjoy it!

I hope the conferences go well. Take care and thanks for the book advice. I am going to start telling people it was all for the experience, that's a great and accurate way to put it. :)

Gin said...

Sorry about your non-swim! I had a great swim today!!

That squirrel is adorable. It looks like a baby.

I paid $1.87 last time I got gas.

The cop thing is scary and helicopters are double-scary!!

KathyA said...

You've had a busy day! Squirrelly, but busy. (Sorry!) The helicopters were because of a bank robbery in River Hill. They got one suspect and chased the other two into surrounding counties. Scary is right!

KathyA said...

PS YOU WENT OUT WITHOUT A BRA!!! You are brave! Had I done that and walked fast, I would have beaten myself to death.

Cheryl said...

Disclaimer: I was wearing a bathing suit underneath my clothes. Not a lot of support there!

Golden To Silver Val said...

That squirrel is a cute fat little thing...getting all prepared for winter. They are so smart, especially when it comes to figuring out how to get to food. I have a great picture of one stealing seeds out of my bird feeder...hanging on by his back feet. I should post it. LOL

happyone said...

Squirrels are cute but they can sure do a lot of damage. We've had lots of trouble with them.

Portia said...

Cute squirrels:)
I was passed by three cops with their lights AND sirens blaring one day...only to pass them a quarter of a mile later, pulled over at Dunkin Donuts!
I hope the meeting went well and you are somewhere enjoying your Friday afternoon.

SOUL said...

hiya cheryl--

i love squirrels ---- fried with gravy :))

just kiddin.

this is a cute-- and funny post--
i hope your meeting went well-- i know how those things can backfire on ya.

happy weekend-

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Thank you for the squirrel story!

beachgirl said...

I'm loving your squirrel adventure. I have many very fond remembrances of squirrels from growing up. Now my cat and dog love to chase them.

I want your gas prices. Pretty please. They are coming down, but not like yours. Ours are still in the the $2.10 to $2.20 range. I actually wait until my gas light comes on to fill the tank now. Not something I usually do. I'm a fill it at 1/4 tank kind of girl.

I hope all your meetings went well yesterday.

Have an awesome weekend.

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