02 November 2008

A Lazy Day

It's a headache-y day. I think it has to do with my shoulder issues from swimming, and it's been going on for days but I've been dealing. It's almost 3:00 and I'm still in my p.j.'s. Not my kind of day, but Emily wanted to watch all the episodes of Fringe, so we did that together. It's a crazy intense show! I never, ever, ever spend hours watching TV. I never watch sports. Never watch movies. I needed to get caught up, so that's one series I'm up to date on. I need to watch all the episodes of Brothers and Sisters and the rest of Grey's Anatomy. TV has become an obligation.

I finally got dressed at about 4:00 and went for my walk. Ah, maybe it's picture time? I took pictures of my usual walk a couple of weeks ago. My development is off of a road that's adjacent to an Army base. I'd say at least half of the businesses are boarded up. It's just terrible. In a few years something called BRAC is coming. It has to do with base realignment. Bases across the country are closing down and others are absorbing the load. Our base is one of those. Most of the influx of jobs will be white collar, with the support of lots of contractors. It will have a huge impact on all the roads around me, on housing, education, etc... The businesses that once thrived with the nearby base, like tattoo shops, liquor stores and pawn shops are no longer needed, and the absentee landlords have left the buildings to decay and be an eyesore while they wait for BRAC and their property to be in high demand. I imagine most everything will be torn down and rebuilt. We can't wait. The two entrances to my development are on the strip, nicknamed Boomtown. You turn into my development and it's an oasis. Beautiful landscaping. A mix of single-family homes, town homes, condos and apartments. Two community centers, an elementary school, pools, tennis courts, etc... My walk takes me through my neighborhood, then across the strip, then back into my neighborhood. Very scenic. Here's a glimpse.

I've spent little time on my computer today, and haven't stopped by any blogs. I did get outside and walk, and I cleaned up the garden a little. It was like a
'sick day' in that I didn't do much of anything. Some people might call that relaxing, but it was just long. There's always tomorrow. Pool, visit with my mom, and the counselor. A busy day. I hope your weekend was a good one for you, and I'll stop by soon.


Gin said...

You have a lovely neighborhood! I wish I could have a down day. Seems there are always so many things to do!

Anonymous said...

That is quite a lovely walk. I'd probably take more walks if I weren't surrounded by concrete, and it wasn't so dang cold and windy right now. (And if I actually had time to walk.)

Mary said...

I was a member of the Y2K team which was the forerunner of BRAC. BRAC is also responsible for the building boom here in Huntsville, too. It's good for some and not for others. Either way it disrupts lots of lives. In long term $$$ it's feasible so "here we go"

We all need down days. It makes us look forward to the 'busy' days and enjoy them more.

Jamie said...

You live in such a pretty area! You have inspired me to take some pics when I walk, too...although I should have done that when all the flowers were blooming.

Have a wonderful, busy day off today!

Hugs. :)

marykay said...

Love your neighborhood, unfortunately I live in a military town and the tattoo parlours and pawnshops are taking over. Enjoy your time with Em, and a little relaxation.

beachgirl said...

feel better
very nice neighborhood

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

You have to take a day and treat yourself as a patient every now and then.

KathyA said...

That sounds like a great day! I'm watching back to back episodes of West Wing. I loved that show -- lots of parallels with tomorrow's election.
Thanks for the tour! Kath

ellesu said...

Lovely! I wish my neighborhood were more walkable. Ummmm....now that I'm thinking about it, I guess I could walk across the road to the park -- the one that local police regularly conduct sting operations to catch the men with high-end jobs who continue to congregate there on lunch hour to try and do things against the law. You'd think they would learn.

Brad said...

The first few pics look like your walking in a large, upscale Mayberry. Then you take a turn and suddenly we're in Tijuana. Intersting. I bet it will be nice to have those places fixed up.

Lastly, some poor sod protesting recycling with an overturned yellow recycle bin. There's one on every block.

Hope your feeling better!

Jenny said...

Boomtown does look idyllic ... and expensive~!~ Like you, I hate it when businesses get boarded up. So ugly. We have some of that in our town but lots of new construction too. And hey girl ... don't ever feel badly for taking a "lazy" day! Sometimes we just need the relaxation of total down time. But good for you, for taking your walk and taking the pics! Very interesting.

happyone said...

What a difference from your neighborhood and the road outside the base.
I think you're right about the landlords waiting for BRAC.
Glad to see you are still walking. :-)

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