10 November 2008

I always take pictures of my feet

Here's my attempt at a video slide show of Sherwood Forest. It shouldn't start with "I always take pictures of my feet" but it does and I'm not editing it. Apparently I didn't stop the music at the end of the show, either, so you have to stop it youself. Sorry. I'm learning. The music credit flies by. It's by Nicklecreek and called You Don't Have to Move That Mountain. I love their music. Love to listen to it on my walks. It was a big sky kind of day yesterday. Lots of sun with huge clouds. Just beautiful. I took lots of pictures. The video doesn't capture the clarity of the pictures, but you'll get the idea.

I really overdid it on my swim yesterday. I think I was afraid of the lanes closing for the synchronized swimming meet, so I swam fast and didn't stretch as much between sets of laps. I feel like I was hit with a truck. Not that I'd know what that felt like, thank goodness. I'm sore from head to toe. I got Emily to give me a little shoulder massage last night. I did my best not to make any noises of pleasure. Then I gave her a massage.

I'm heading out to Kohl's, etc.. before my afternoon appointment. No exercise for me today. I might go to my mom's later in the day. Another run-around day with no housework getting done or leaves being raked. Maybe the fairies will do it while I'm gone?


Gin said...

What a beautiful area! I love the picture of the sky that's right after your "feet" picture. It's has such a fall-feel. The colors are perfect!! I think you did a great job for your first time. I haven't been brave enough to try anything like that yet!!

If you're so sore, it's probably best that you're taking a day off of exercise. I've been slacking the past few days! I need to get back to it.

bonnie said...

That was awesome, Cheryl! Was it hard to make? I love the music. Nice feet too. I loved the picture of the tall grasses. Gorgeous. Very nice camera work...all of it! Brava!!!!

I think a mother's got to let her girl know when she makes her feel good and how appreciative you are when she does. You have to groan loudly, then weep when she stops. Girls love drama. She'll want to give you more good stuff. I am so awed by your choice for a healthy lifestyle. You inspire me.

Mary said...

Really enjoyed the video. Nickelcreek is one of my favorites, too. Aren't the fall colors fabulous this year - they are really bright and glowing.

My plans for this day are to continue the work I'm doing in the house. I've gotten the storage rooms ready to receive my 'stuff' and it isn't depressing to do the work anymore. When this is complete I'm going to sit back like a lady of leisure. Yeah, we all believe that, don't we?

Jay said...

Excellent video. I keep thinking I want to start adding some text and music to mine, but I just haven't taken the time to work on it.

Anonymous said...

Fun video! How hard was it? I get the urge every once in a while, but then I remember what a technophobe I am!

So...do you have a story about why you take pictures of your feet? :)

Jamie said...

Just beautiful! The fall colors there are awesome. I think they may have been here, also, but I sort of missed all of it with every thing that has been going on. Hmmm....that's a bit of a distressing thought, we only get so many beautiful fall seasons...none to waste.

Hope this week is wonderful for you.


Brad said...

I want to live at Sherwoods Forest. I like how all the roads and lawns are maintained. That pic of your feet looks like someone else is taking it. - Anyway - Hope yoou had fun.

Portia said...

I've just finished catching up here, which I started last week. I'm glad things are rolling on along for you. Fall at Sherwood Forest is beautiful. I loved the slide show, but will have to watch it again when I get home so I can get the full effect with the music. I'm sorry to hear your hurting today. I hope your body recoups and feels better soon!
A couple more things before I go..
I loved the post about Jelly Beans being better than cigarettes! It gave me hope:) I've always avoided the patch, but I think it might be worth a shot. I'll have to build up to it.
So glad you love your new iphone! I have been wanting a new phone, and that one's at the top of my list. Of course.
I was wondering if you still met with your book club. Not that you aren't plenty busy enough!
Congrats on painting your walls! I love the green.
And finally, I take pics of my feet too. They're always right there.

C.A. said...

YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!!! It's just beautiful, too!

GOOD WORK, Cheryl!

Summer said...

Lovely! What's the body of water in the pictures? Lake or river?

KathyA said...

I'm glad things are good enough between you and Em that you trusted her hands near your neck! The shoulder massage sounded real good. I can't seem to download the flashplayer to run your video. I'm doing something wrong...

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Great slide show. I love the one of the sailboat.

And I'm glad you didn't rake. The thought of doing that when you're so sore made me wince.

SOUL said...

loved the video-- but they sure are a pita aren't they? and time consuming. erg. someday they'll go faster, but i just can't believe how long it takes.

anyhow, yep good job, and what a pretty place-- i wanna live there teewwww.

you're lucky to get a massage from your girl-- me gettin a massage around here is like pullin teeth-- i've offered money-- still nuthin.
maybe it's the givin one back? i don't do that-- too sore before-- too lazy after-- hmmm
blame it on me. guess i'll just go pay for one-- soon as i can be touched without bein hurt.

hope your pain goes away soon.
any chance of another massage? pull the mom taxi card out-- i won't drive until -- :))

happy monday-- and tuesday--

oh ps-- perhaps you should snag a fairy from my page -for those who haven't seen the true beauty of a cleaning fairy? :))

happyone said...

Really enjoyed the tour. What a beautiful day.
I raked enough leaves today for the both of us!!

beachgirl said...

What a beautiful fall day. Thank You.

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

Nice idea and thanks for sharing this,Cheryl.

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