29 November 2008


I've been around but busy. Aren't we all? I stayed in all day yesterday. No Black Friday shopping for me. There was nothing in the stores that I had to have or buy for anyone else. I brought a lot of the Christmas bins up from the basement. I'm officially behind in decorating, because I didn't get much farther than that. Maybe tomorrow? Emily said she'd help me bring the Christmas tree up from the basement and get it set up. I hope she does a lot of the decorating. The major chore that got done was all the hedges were trimmed! It's a big job and I've always done it myself. When you're single, you do it all. Well, when you're married you often do it all too. Emily's wanted to trim the hedges for a while, but I've never let her for fear that she'd cut some body part off. This time, I told her she could do it and she was excited. We worked as a team. My method is to surround each bush with old sheets to catch the droppings, then slide them into the bag in the trashcan. I raked while she cut, then helped with the clippings. It was a big job! I think it was the most yard work Emily has ever done and I was so thankful to have her help.

We went out to dinner with Kit and her nieces and great-nephew. We had a really nice time. Emily and I spent the rest of the night watching episodes of Private Practice and Fringe. I've watched more TV lately than ever. Emily's been home more, and it's what she wants to do, so I'm doing it with her.

I was up and at 'em early today. At the pool at 8:00 AM. It felt like a chore for the first time. I'm not sure why, but I hope it's not the beginning of the end. I can't let it be, especially during the holidays when I know I'm going to be consuming a lot of calories. I went to Macy's afterward. Was very, very tempted to buy a beautiful Martha Stewart pre-lit white Christmas tree. I bought a comforter set instead. I hope I like this one. I visited my parents after that, and took my mother out to lunch. I did some grocery shopping on the way home, then put up the Christmas lights on the newly shorn shrubs, and around the garage and front door. Emily wants more this year. I might ask my handyman for a price to string lights on the roof-line.

After the lights were done I made stock from the turkey carcass. Yeah for me. Usually I put the carcass in the freezer, then throw it away after 6 months. Now I have to look for soup recipes. I have about 4 cups of turkey I took off the bones (before making the stock) and have to look for a recipe for that too. Emily won't eat any of it. I think I'll freeze some of whatever I make for my parents, and bring some in to work on Tuesday. I don't think I'm crazy about turkey leftovers either!

Well, it's time to pick Emily up from the ice skating rink. I'm going in my pajamas, and I don't care. I'm pooped!

Later, peeps!


KathyA said...

How nice that you and Emily worked together so well.
The shrubs look great as do the lights. Have you ever considered putting a spotlight on the door? Or do you have that already?
Our lights are up -- come over and see them.

Moohaa said...

The yard looks great! I'm so impressed at all you get done, that's awesome. Enjoy your night!

Lena said...

Beautiful job. It looks great. Nice bonding time for you and Em, too.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

You have been busy. Those trimmed shrubs look nice.

Anonymous said...

How clever of you to make Emily think she was getting a big treat in getting to do yard work!

Nothing to do with yard work, but all of a sudden she looks so grown up to me.

jAMiE said...

How wonderful to have some help Cheryl, she's a good daughter!

The lights look lovely...i bet they'd look nice along the roof line too, i always like that look.

I love turkey soup, can't wait to make some after Christmas dinner.

beachgirl said...

That looks wonderful. And Emily looked like she had fun.
I am trimming my place today with some help from family and friends. The kids usually hang out with each other and watch me. This year I am bringing in re-enforcements. We always have a trim a tree / house dinner.
Have an awesome day.

Gin said...

I love your photos! I think it's great that you and Emily are working together and watching TV together. You guys rock!!!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

Just so you know, Cheryl, I think you're a remarkable woman! It sounds like you both had a wonderful time==did Em's arms ache? owie, those electrical clippers are a work out on the arms and shoulders aren't they?

Besides that, you are a wonderful Mom and I love to see the bond between the two of you--it emerges in it's own fashion with what works for the both of you--PRivate practice--I' still have yet to start watching the season premiere and it looks like a really good season!--

As for the clippings?...I had to laugh, picturing you doing the same thing at your salon. :)

but I think you're onto something here--I've never thought of that ever!
You are very creative!

happy Sunday!
The lights look wonderful!

Martha said...

I laughed out loud when you wrote that when you're single, you do it all, and when you're married, you often do it all, too. Boy, if that isn't the truth! I had to beg my husband to please, please, please get the snow blower out of the shed--the snow is sticking like crazy and I'm in no mood to shovel the driveway.

SOUL said...

boy-- that made me tired. but it sure looks good. you're lucky to have a kid who isn't allergic to hard work. mine believes she will die if she does anything. ugh.

i got a chuckle from the turkey carcass in the freezer for 6 months-- i do that too--- except this year-- we had brisket-- and it's almost gone. maaan it was yummy.

i need to get my tree and stuff out too-- but it happens to be about ten miles from here in my storage bin.. i dread the mere thought--- maybe hubby will get it. or not. we shall see.

perhaps that will be the end of my little break-- when i put up pics of my tree? if not sooner. i don't know.

enjoy your time with "the good son"

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