24 November 2008

A good start to the day

I arranged my morning so I'd have time to shop at Sam's Club and Target, then have an hour here at Panera's. Next up: a 8 busy hours of work. It's fun to hear about all my clients' plans for the holidays. They're always surprised when I tell them we're a crowd of 30-something at my cousin's. I can't wait to see everyone, and I can't wait to eat my Baked Pineapple. Is anyone making it this year? And what will you be doing for Thanksgiving?

Happy Tuesday!


Brad said...

We'll be at my Mom's with just a small group this year. Sis, BIL & Neice will be staying in FL. We have a mixed tradition as my step-father is Japanese. Sushimi, rice balls and pickled cabbage as staples of the meal. Everything else is traditional.

beachgirl said...

We'll be having just me and the kids for Thanksgiving. Maybe one or 2 of the kids friends will join us. I only have 8 chairs. So thats my limit this year.

The kids are cooking. It's the one meal I really don't like to make. I can't stand the smell of cooking turkey. So if it's nice I might escape to the beach for a few hours. After I make the pies of course.

My daughter and I are going to see Madonna on Wednesday night. So no pies on Wednesday.

I don't put a lot of stress on Thanksgiving because we have Sunday family dinners all the time. And we never go shopping the day after Christmas. We literally just have a nice peaceful time. So I guess Thanksgiving is another family day in our house.
And we have no relatives down here to go see.

Have a fun filled day.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

not sure based on the events of this past weekend..but we're hoping to dine at my parents home--I love thanksgiving and the baked corn, stuffing, cranberries, homemade pies..turkey but gimme the dark meat please.

happy day off!

happyone said...

On Thanksgiving Ken and I will be delivering Meals on Wheels and then just the two of us will have a quiet dinner at home.

KathyA said...

Dinner for 12 or 14 at our house. I'll start the turkey in the oven and then finish it on the grill. I must admit, this is my favorite holiday. We have a lot to be thankful for.

Gin said...

Tell me more about the Baked Pineapple! It sounds yummy and I loveLoveLOVE pineapple!!!

We're going to my sister's. It will be my whole family and we always have way too much food!!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I hope your work day went well. We're going to Michael's sister's house. It will be a small group. Usually we go to the other sister in Indianapolis, but one of our nieces had a new baby two months ago, so she doesn't want to travel, so we're staying with the Illinois contingent. It will be fun to see the new baby. I'm making my carrot cake--the one with whole wheat flour and honey instead of sugar.

Rick Rockhill said...

I'm sorry to say I'm taking the easy way out and going out to dinner :-( It will be nice, but I'll miss the tradition of the cooking. Its a whole ritual for me.

Mo said...

I will be sleeping in. Watching football. Taking it easy.

Cindy said...

I'll be driving 7 hours to get my son, then 6-7 hours to his sister's house for Thanksgiving. We leave today after work to get 1/2 way to my son. We'll drive the rest of the way to get him tomorrow. He can't get out of class until 4:30pm on Wed.

I was up until 1 am making homemade pies. Pecan Pie recipe on my blog, photos will be posted later, once I get to my daughter's house. Can't wait to see my boy and hug and kiss and spend time with those grandbabies.

I will post another recipe on Friday, also.

Unknown said...
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