01 November 2007

The doctor's appointment went well. My throat is looking better; the medicine I've been taking is working. I've been trying to reach the gastro doctor since Monday to find the results of my endoscopy, but so far they haven't returned my calls. I'm sure the results will be fine, but I'd like to hear it. They were sure in a rush to return my call when I tried to schedule the procedure. It's like a repeat from when I had a procedure done with them in the spring. It took forever for them to return my calls for results but that time I was really worried and then angry. Oh well...

I had my parent's house to myself and did my mom's packing. I've done it so many times and know her wardrobe well. My sister-in-law treated my mother to a facial for her birthday, and I met them at The Olive Garden for lunch. I had Eggplant Parmesan. It was delicious. I brought my mom home and did a few things around the house before heading home.

After doing some cooking, I decided to take it easy. For a change. I laid on my chaise lounge on the deck and read the paper. Then I took these pictures:

What would I do without my camera? I walked around looking at things to capture. The huge pear tree in front of my house is still in full leaf because of our crazy weather. Usually by Halloween the branches are bare and I decorate them with 'ghosts.' I couldn't do it this year. I thought I'd post some before and after pics.

April pear tree

November pear tree

What falls on the ground in April

What falls on the ground in November...messy berries that rot

June garden

November garden

I've spent way too much time working on this and have work to do before my TV shows start. Later!

PS...I just heard from my primary care doctor. I love her. She's going to call my gastro doctor and call me tomorrow with my results.

PPS...I miss you too Bonnie.


Summer said...

November gardens are sad.

We are certainly having crazy weather.

bonnie said...

Wow, your June garden is gorgeous. Your house looks so sweet behind the garden. I'm glad your doc has come to your defense. I think it's challenging for physicians to give good personal care and even respect in these days of hmo's and overburdened schedules. You are fortunate to have a primary who is your advocate.

Mary said...

You have a lovely garden. I hope I can get mine to look half as good. I know what you mean about messy fruit and berries on the walk. They leave stains that have to be dealt with after the rotting mess is gone. (I use a bleach solution in a gargen spray. It works pretty good.)

Ilene said...

Love the comparison pictures.

Moohaa said...

Beautiful pictures! I love how that red leaf stands out against the brown and gold leaves. You are very talented!

I'm so glad you are feeling well. I hope the results come back with good answers.

Don't you love my counter guy.... he's too funny. You can change codes so he has different emotions and doing different things.

josie2shoes said...

Oooh, you take such pretty pictures! What beautiful colors you have going there! Delighted that your primary doc is going to get the answers for you. It IS frustrating when you have to wait and wait for results. For them it's just another day at the office, for you it's something on your mind every moment until you hear. Keeping my fingers crossed for good results!

SOUL said...

i absolutely adore your yard, house, garden...ALL of it. i could get lost in it. great pix, and neat idea with the before and afters. nice job!

we have a pear tree... but you sure do NOT want to see it. trust me. i didnt even know what the hell it was til the birds got to it. :((

anyhow... i will be watching for the results post. i am sure it will be fine.
my gastro-doc said ...
"no news is always good news."

that happened to be the only thing i felt confident in him about.

so even though, i did end up having many problems.. none were catastrophical.
hoping the same for you. well except the many problems part...hopefully only reflux.. which is manageable ... not pleasant--- but tolerable. right?
well, keep us posted eh?
take care.
oh and olive garden sounds SO good.. did it upset your stomach?
it's russian roulette with me. a couple days ago i had pizza...1 piece, and it darn near killed me...tonight...chili dgs and nachos--- no prob.
splain that???

SOUL said...

oh..ummm..is it russian roulette, or a crap shoot? i'm confused now.
surprised? ya i thought not. :)

Leaking Moonlight said...

I share your test result frustration, and I wish I knew what the workaround was. Years ago you could leave a self-addressed stamped envelope with a nurse, and get the test results in the mail before the phone call. I wonder if that would work now?

I'm glad you're doing better.

fiwa said...

Your primary care dr ROCKS! That is great that she's going to call and get the results for you. I'm glad to hear you're doing better and that you took some time to relax and be lazy. That's good for you.

I love your garden pictures - especially the pear petals. I love it when it snows petals in the spring.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

You have a magical eye and a beautiful warm home!! I love the pictures..and I love that little guy lounging in the garden..so adorable!! I can see you doing the same on near your trees...

what'd you think about grey's last night??? :)

Happyone said...

What a beautiful spring garden!!
It sure has been a crazy Fall with the weather so warm. I have trees in my yard that are still green too.

Jay said...

Such a typical doctor. Only quick when it means an office visit fee, but otherwise they'll get around to things whenever they feel like it.

Love the garden.

heiresschild said...

beautiful pictures cheryl, and a beautiful garden too. i still don't have a digital camera yet. sigh! one of these days really soon!

i'm glad your primary care physician has intervened also.

Andrew said...

I, too, am glad your primary physician is intervening also! I love the pictures! I need to get outside with my camera and take some. I'm off to do that now. Thanks for the inspiration!

Moohaa said...

Have a great Friday Cheryl!!

Portia said...

That is so nice of your primary care doc. I hope you get to enjoy the weekend worry free now!
I love all the leaves. And the before and afters. It's funny you shot the pear trees...they are some kind of official tree in our town and ths streets are lined with them. I do not like them AT ALL. The stench in spring is awful and the berries make my car, and shoes filthy. Naturally it's inescapable as they're everywhere. I hope you enjoy yours more. They are beautiful.

SpringMist said...

Wow, Cheryl, the pictures are awesome, breathtaking!
I am glad the doc appointment worked out. Now if only that lazy gastro doctor can get back to u promptly...I wish u good health, take care!

jAMiE said...

While your June garden is just lovely...there is just something i love about November gardens.

I hope you have nothing but good news from your gastro doctor...let us know.

Rick Rockhill said...

these are really nice photos..made me feel good inside for some reason. Thanks for sharing them, it made my morning

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