22 November 2007

I'm still full. I ate a wonderful dinner. A sensible dessert. Then I grazed as the evening progressed, and now, I'm still full.

I took a zillion pictures, and put some of them on this slideshow. Thanksgiving was held at the wonderful home of my cousins Kate and David. They just moved into this house last month. You'll see from the pictures that's it's a great place to host a big gathering. My family is so down to earth and funny and we love being together. Having a crowd this size is a group effort--everyone brings something. I'm the family carver, and carved 3 turkeys. They always order them from Omaha Steaks. They come to the door on dry ice, cleaned and ready to go in a cooking bag. They're the best turkeys I've ever had, and being the carver, I know them well! A great time was had by all, as I hope was the case with all of you.

This is a long slide show. Sorry...There's a white arrow on the right side. If you click it, you can go faster.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I plan to be at Kohl's when they open in the morning. At 4 AM. I'll tell you more tomorrow. Call me crazy, OK?


Jamie said...

What a beautiful, happy looking family, in a beautiful, happy home! I really, really enjoyed the slide show. Thank you for sharing.

Holy cow---you are at Kohls, right now! You are a crazy woman! I hope you get the best bargains ever!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, what was your brother wearing? There is someone in a white shirt that looks just like him.

beachgirl said...

Cheryl what a fun filled day. Nice slideshow.

I am not shopping today. My ex says he's shopping right now. Too funny.

I feel another beach day again. So peaceful. Another ride after the gym.

Happy shopping!

Ilene said...

Who is the girl with dark hair and braids? Cindy's daughter? I guess Carolyn wasn't there.

Mary said...

I must have missed your slide show this morning. It's a wonderful slide show! Everyone looks so relaxed and happy - not one sour puss - in the whole crowd. It is a lovely home and perfect for your gathering. The grand piano didn't escape my notice. Do you play? I really like the pictures of you carving. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving this way.

Moohaa said...

What great pics.... makes me wish I had a bigger family.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

Cool slideshow!!

How did you add it?

yum...I didn't get enough for the holiday unfortunately...too busy with the boys..but that's okay!!
you have a beautiful family! Much to be thankful for!!

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