09 November 2007

It's post #400. How'd I do that?

I'm all ready for work, but left a little time to be on my computer. Not much, but a little. I want to stop at CVS on the way, so need some time for that.

I did get a lot done last night. I had Em's iTunes going on her computer and had a happy night at my stamping desk. I'll show you a picture, just because I happened to take on. It only shows one view of the room. If I showed you another you'd see all the craft stuff I really have and I might be embarrassed.

I had my laptop in the room with me, and everytime I got a comment on my blog a little chime would alert me. I'd stop and read it and be a little happier :)

I'm a little anxious about work today, but know at the end of the day it will all be fine. I'm coming in a little early to fit in a client, so that changes my morning. Then I have a new client in the afternoon, and that makes me a little anxious. You'd think after all the years I've been doing this that it would be nothing to do someone new. Well, the client is probably nervous, and they can see my every move in the mirror, so it's like I'm on stage. I used to have bad anxiety attacks, which I don't have any more, but I still feel uneasy. What I remind myself is that all my clients are nice, and they ask for me, so it's OK. Still...Then later in the day I'll be doing an old friend I haven't seen in a few years. It will be hard to visit and stay on time, because we'll have so much catching up to do, but I have to. So, it's not my usual, routine, comfortable day ahead. But, like I said, 7:00 will come, and it all will have worked out.

Because I'm me and take pictures of everything, I thought I'd share the food I packed for the day. Weird, huh? I bring my lunch every day. The assistants are nice and always come around when they're taking a carry-out order, even though they know I always pass. Every once in a blue moon I do surprise them. So, here's my food for the day. It's lunch and dinner. I always eat my salad during my one break, and eat the rest in a big hurry, between clients. Gulp it down would be more like it. I need to eat many times during the day. I don't always eat all that I bring in, but wouldn't want to not have the option. Today I cooked up shrimp to put in my salad. Yum. If I wasn't addicted to candy and ice cream, and other snack foods, I'd be in good shape cause the rest of my meals are very healthy.

With that, I'll bid you farewell.


Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

Thanks for sharing your lunch with us. Sometimes I have to see somewhat famous people at the hospital it still makes me a bit anxious but I soon get over it and get to work at what I'm being paid to do.

Happy day to you

Andrew said...

You eat such wholesome meals, Cheryl. I am hungry just looking at your picture. I was cooking a lot when Rosa was staying here, but have been eating out of cans and eating a lot of frozen pizza lately. I have got to get out of this eating funk! Have a great day today!

Mary said...

I wish I could have you 'do' my hair. You are always so excited about the classes and seem to get a lot from them. My daughter-in-law does my hair and we tend to just take the easiest road.

Cheryl, you are never boring to me. The pictures of your garden inspired me to get busy with mine. Your treck through the dining room table called attention to my own. As a result the dining room table looks like a dining room table should. You're starting holiday cards early and this evening I'm planning to open my stamping crate and begin planning our cards. Boring?? I think not.

Happyone said...

Lunch looks good - nice and healthy too.
I'm another one who always enjoys reading your blog. It is fun to read and never boring!!

Brown Spice said...

Nice blog you have put together here.

You shouldn't have added the lunch pic, it made me really hungry. *yum*


Moohaa said...

Congrats on the 400th blog! I can understand your nerves. I get that way too.

I like your craft room. I would spend wayyyy too much time in there if I had a room for it. Can't wait to see more of what you made.

Go you on the healthy lunch! Although I will back you up on eating more often. Maybe keep some peanuts or some sort of protein around to boost your energy.

Have a good day!

Portia said...

YAY for 400 posts! I loved the story about your comments chiming and making you happy. Makes me want to hang bells on my inbox:) I hope the day is going smoothly and Friday night finds you with your feet up...or wherever you might prefer them:) Enjoy all that good food!

Jay said...

Happy #400

When I helped my sister move we put up lots of shelves in her new craft room and then began taking all her stuff out of the boxes. It took forever! And she still didn't have enough shelves. So, don't worry about having TOO much craft stuff. LOL

Sharyna said...

I so enjoy visiting your blog!


fiwa said...

Cheryl, come visit my blog, I have something for you.

I know you'll do great with your new clients. And thank you for showing your craft room, I love seeing where you spend your time. See - that's as good as showing me where you blog from!

Ilene said...

What's the colorful stuff in the smaller bowl?

Summer said...

I understand your anxiety. I get it when I have to draw blood on patients that are doctors.

I love to take a lot of different foods to work with me too. I always want a choice.

bonnie said...

Hi C - Oh, that sounds like the juice drink, hi C, remember? What's the black things in the package and that long rectangle package. I would eat every bit of that food. I eat a lot.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

I want to come over and "play" in your craft room!!

that salad looked delicious!!! Are those craisens or dried fruit in that bag??

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