21 November 2007

I tell you what, working two 11-7 days in a row wears me out. Literally. Last night I came home and sat on the couch till 9:30 reading an illustrated book of the 50 most notorious crimes. Like I had nothing better to do? I came upstairs and got ready for bed then read my 'bed book', Baking Illustrated, by the editors of Cook's Illustrated Magazine. I love all the cookbooks they publish. They make me very 'book smart.' I don't do much cooking, but I know a lot of trivia.

Finally, it's Wednesday, my last day of work. Hurrah! I don't have many plans for my time off. We'll be going to my cousin's for Thanksgiving. There'll be 39 of us there. Yup, we're big. On Friday, Emily and I will go to the Frederick Craft Show. It's our tradition and it kicks off the Christmas season. When we get home, I'll start decorating the house. Saturday night we'll be going to a big surprise 50th anniversary party for my aunt and uncle. I guess that does sound like a lot of plans, but with home time in-between.

How many of you are having company for Thanksgiving or having it at home?


Mary said...

The holidays have started haven't they? Nothing but a whirlwind until after New Year. I'm just gonna back my ears and run through it then have an official collapse day.

Our plans for Thanksgiving all center right here. The gang will be present and accounted for. Love it!! My nephew, Ricky, will be here for a few days beginning the 25th. Not enough days but a few. He's really a neat guy and a fun house guest.

Hope all your plans come together without a hitch. Do you ever watch "Men in Trees"? Sometimes my schedule works out like the wedding that just didn't take place on that show.

bonnie said...

I'm glad I was your last client on Monday. I love having you do my hair. I so enjoy being with you and having you for a new friend. I found the pineapple with heavy syrup in all but one store! No problem. I started cutting my vegs and ripping the bread for the stuffing yesterday so I feel a little ahead already. I'm using the Martha Stewart cookbook. I had good results with it last year. You must look at the Donna Hay cookbooks, just for the photography. Love....and Happy Thanksgiving. Bon

SpringMist said...

Hey Cheryl. Cook books always make me hungry but I like the pictures and Jamie Olliver cooking program :)
Happy holidays!
Well I going to hit my books. Take care!

Jay said...

There's just going to be five of us around here. But, plenty of food and football!

Andrew said...

Dad always cooks a big, grand meal every year. They are hiding it from me this year, though, for fears it will upset me -- the holidays being very hard on mentally ill folks. I am actually looking forward to it even if all they do is just bring me a plate of food. They will probably let me sit at home this year. Have a Happy Thanksgiving this year, Cheryl! As always... thinking of you and I hope you enjoy this time off.

Martha said...

We're going to my sister's for Thanksgiving, but I get to bring the yummy dessert!

fiwa said...

I'm glad it's almost vacation time for you. I love Cook's Illustrated - you really learn the "why" of cooking and baking from them. Have you ever seen their show on PBS - America's Test Kitchen?

My boy and I are having Thanksgiving alone at our house, and I am cooking the full meal, because I heart leftovers. Everybody always says "How sad, just the two of you?" - but I think it's wonderful, spending the day with the person I love best.

Happyone said...

Wow!! 39 people!!
My husband and I are just having a quiet Thanksgiving together at home, but I am cooking a turkey with all the trimmings. I too like the leftovers. :-)

heiresschild said...

it's just me this year. the first time i would have ever spent thanksgiving by myself, but i'm looking forward to it. i've psyched myself up about it for the past few weeks so i'd be up and not down. it's my decision to stay in instead of going to my nephew's with everyone else. i have 2 dvd's i haven't watched, and i'm cooking, so i'm going to enjoy my day with God, me, myself, and i. hmmm, so i won't be alone after all. HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING CHERYL AND A GREAT HOLIDAY WEEKEND!

Portia said...

Happy Thanksgiving! It sounds like a wonderful weekend you have lined up. Have fun:)

Moohaa said...

You have a big family! Sounds like you're going to have a blast. I love that you and your daughter have traditions. Being a single parent is the toughest job ever, but there are such sweet moments in the journey, and a closeness that most people won't understand.

Me and mine are having a small dinner at home. We rent movies today and getting the house clean and ready for a feast. Take care!

Andrew said...

Are we home, yet? Crusty just emailed me about snow and I grew excited!!!! It never snows here much to my chagrin. Hope your home safe and sound and will get a good night's sleep tonight. I will be thinking of you, and all my blogging friends. I am off to go watch the radar for some storms coming in. Yippeee!!!!!

Lena said...

You have one busy weekend!! It is so nice that you and Emily have special traditions.

I am going to try to "borrow" a daughter this weekend to go and see the new movie Enchanted.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving day with all of your family.

Summer said...

What Andrew wrote upset me.

My little family will be here with me tomorrow.

Your weekend sounds glorious. Enjoy!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

I love traditions!!!!!
We will be at my parents home today..I can't wait!!!
Have a great day today, and a great black friday!!
I have yet to wake on that day and shop...maybe one year I will do that..

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

P.S. I love that, your "bed book!"

Happy gobbles!!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

P.S. I love that, your "bed book!"

Happy gobbles!!

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