02 November 2007

Friday night and I'm pooped. Nothing like coming home and getting into PJ's and just hanging out. That's what every Friday night is like for me. Quiet house. Popcorn for dinner. I want to see if today's Oprah show is available online. I don't usually watch it, but the show was about 100 women getting haircuts. I tried to program my VCR this morning, but it ate my tape. Twice. I won't be trying that again. If Oprah's not on, I'm going to look for the show Pushing Daisies. I've heard it's great. So, that's it for now.


Jay said...

Pushing Daisies is good. It's funny and everybody on the show is really good.

Moohaa said...

Enjoy your quiet evening. Sounds fun! I've heard of Pushing Daisies... never watched it though.

As for the writing challenge, its a minimum of 50,000 words. You can certainly write more. I am just gonna keep writing til I'm empty. We'll see how far that gets me. ;)

Have a great weekend!

jAMiE said...

I haven't seen Pushing Daisies yet..though i've heard its fun to watch. Sorry you didnt get to see Oprah, i didn't see it either.

Your evening sounds wonderful...i love being in jammies, eating popcorn.

Ilene said...

I thought of you the whole time I was watching Oprah. I know your clients will be talking to you about it. It was absolutely amazing how they took these plain women and with just a haircut/color made them look fabulous, younger, like new women. She said it would be on her web site.

Andrew said...

After Ilene's comment, I want to see the Oprah show as well. I could do with a makeover. Missing you today. Hope you are well and work went okay. I assume it did as you never complain about work and that is enviable. Take care Cheryl and give us a post tonight. Please? :-)

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

Hmm..pushing daisies..I had intended to watch that show but never got around to it...Oprah rocks!!

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