05 November 2007

Where to begin? Short, or drawn-out? A snippet or in depth? OK, probably a ramble.

My morning project was to tackle the stuff spread out all over the dining room table. Remember when those potatoes rotted on my pantry floor? Some of the goo got onto the accordion file that held all my bills, receipts, banking, medical papers, etc., and I emptied them into a bag. I needed to find something in that bag, and emptied it onto the table, where's it's been for a week or two. Or so I thought. I found an accordion file, and went about sorting and filing. Till it was time to leave for my doctor's appointment. Here's where I'll start rambling.

My neighbor Kelly and I have had gynecologist 'dates' for three years now. We used to go to the same GYN, but she moved and we needed to find a new one. We decided to get back-to-back appointments when the time came, and go out to lunch afterwards. It's a good excuse to spend the day together. I schedule them on my day off and she takes off from work. I forgot to be worried about the breast exam till I got there, which was nice. You always worry that they're going to find something. Another clean bill of health today, and a sigh of relief. I'm going to make back-to-back mammogram appointments for us next. That'll be a lot of fun. Not. We went out to lunch at the new Hooligan's in Columbia, then went grocery shopping at the new Trader Joe's.

It was a beautiful day, and I completed the rest of the yard work. It was a good excuse to just be outside. Then I organized the garage. Not a total overhaul, but it's amazing what you can accomplish in an hour.

I came in, and got back to work on the table. Little by little, everything found it's place. Just as I was finishing up, I noticed a cloth bag on one of the dining room chairs. I opened it and found, much to my surprise, the real contents of the old accordion file. What I'd been organizing was just the most recent stuff that had accumulated since the potato disaster. I'd hardly made a dent in all that paperwork. And you know what? I'm going to put that bag up in my closet and not worry about it till I need to, probably around tax time.

The rest of the night was spent on odds and ends. Clearing off the stuff that accumulated on top of the microwave. Clearing a counter. Making dinner, and tomorrow's lunch, taking care of some bills. Reading the newspaper. It's about 8:45 and I think I'll get into bed with a cookbook. I can't wait to go to work tomorrow so I can rest. Not really. You know I thrive on this, the ordinary, daily things that make up a life.


Mary said...

Boy oh Boy!! You accomplished a lot today. I dread the paper work and I absolutely hate housework. Maybe I'll have your determination in the next day or so.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea to make back to back appointments with a friend. Gets it done and you can't really back out.

Ugh...sorting paperwork takes me forever as I get so distracted by, oh everything!

Leaking Moonlight said...

I do like your idea. A buddy system and a treat for necessary medical torments. You are a very smart lady.

Summer said...

I like the idea of making appointments with friends/sisters. Way cool idea!

I laughed out loud when I read..."the cloth bag with the real contents."

Next summer, before heading to SC, check for potatoes. I learned the hard way too.

dawn said...

am beyond jealous of your trader joe's.

Portia said...

Great day! Your first few lines made me laugh. I often have the same exact thought process when I sit down to blog. You seem to find a good balance in your organizing. I love to hear your contentment with your day to day life; it's contagious:)

Happyone said...

I was in that new Trader Joes yesterday too!!
That would have been neat if we saw each other there. :-)

Andrew said...

I love hearing about your days, Cheryl. Love! Love! Love it! I want to emulate you and stay busy. I just never mess up my house much and it leaves me with nothing to do. Thank you for sharing your days.

Your friend,

Jonathon Andrew

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

a gynedate..that's so neat! Makes the motion of the visit easier to deal with!!!

I like that word, Snippets, only I mispelled it today in my blog;snip its... :)
I love your days as well..they do make me feel more attached to the outside world..as crazy as that may sound!! :)

Jay said...

Chicks are funny. I mean, I knew you guys all went to the bathroom at the same time, but I had no idea that you teamed up to go to the GYN together. LOL ;-)

STACY'S TRIP said...

oh yeah. I actually went out and did some yard work too. OK, it was just cleaning up the pumpkin that caved in and rotted but it was something! HA

Moohaa said...

A gyn date, huh? Fun! Gotta make it easier in a way. I avoid the doctor at all costs. Can I have an avoidance date?

I love how you are so efficient at things in your life. You inspire me to tackle the collection spots in the home. We have a kitty house that the cats never use so now its a cubby of junk.

Have a great rest of your day!

Anonymous said...

I swear, anytime you leave paper on the dinner room table it breeds like rabbits as soon as you walk out of the room! :>


Jamie said...

That sounds like a perfectly wonderful day, at least after the dr appt, oh how i hate going for that annual open house. but the rest of it sounds great! And the potato problem, i once had that too....

fiwa said...

Sounds like you got a lot accomplished! Don't you just love Trader Joe's? The only problem is every time I go, I end up spending and spending and spending, because it's all so yummy! I love the 5 cheese pizzas - if you haven't tried those, DO!

captain corky said...

"You know I thrive on this, the ordinary, daily things that make up a life."

That's one of the reasons I like reading your blog. I always feel like going outside and drinking a cup of coffee and watching the sun rise or set after reading. Really. :)

Andrew said...

Okay, I am addicted to your blog. No post yesterday and I am jonesing for my fix. I hope you had a good day. Tell Em I will have a Maggie video up hopefully tomorrow of her acting spastic. Missing you.............Giving you a hard time, too! Hah! lol Love ya,

Jonathon Andrew

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