01 November 2007

Thought I'd post a quick post this morning. I left a note by Emily's door last night. It said "wake me up in the morning if you want some company, I don't mind." At 6:20 she yelled out MOM! So I came down and we sat side by side on the sofa and talked. Nice. I haven't done too well with waking up for her. So, I think I'll keep that note and put it out every night. Emily's very into recycling (me too) and she'll like my reusing the note.

The TV's been tuned to The Today Show as I've been on the computer. They've been running snippets of Matt's interview with Heather Mills all morning. It's been fascinating watching her face. The only parts that move are her eyes and mouth. Every other part of her face must be Botoxed. I've never seen anything like it. Talking about Botox, I tried it last year. I've always been very self-conscience of the 'crack' between my eyebrows, and got the Botox as a birthday present to myself. Emily came with me and I have pictures, but didn't think everyone would want to see. It was very Zen. I laid on the exam table, relaxed and actually being funny. The doctor cleansed the area, and explained what he would be doing. He started, and I thought, wow, no pain. Turns out he was just making marks where's he'd place the injections! Silly me. Anyway, it didn't hurt much. He told me afterwards if I didn't think it had the effect I wanted to let him know and he'd do it over again. I called him two weeks later, and went in again. He agreed. I went back one more time for a redo. Again, he felt I needed it. Turns out the Botox helped, but didn't erase the line. I've embraced it now, and even wear my hair off my forehead. My 'crack' is just part of who I am. Now if I could just do something about my neck...


Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

I love your "crack" so what's wrong with your neck?

bonnie said...

Have you seen that book by Nora Efram, "I Feel Bad About My Neck?" I looked at it at Borders and it looked very funny, but I don't like to buy hardcover books. You know what? I miss you.

Portia said...

i saw a few minutes of ms. mills this morning too. now that you bring it up, i recall the strange stillness her face had. weird. i'm glad you embraced your "crack" :) the story reminds me of a parable called the cracked pot. i found it here:
i hope your day is going well!

Moohaa said...

Those botox bunnies are so funny. They are utterly expressionless! LOL There was a commercial for botox not too long ago and it advertised about expressions and showing emotions. And you know what, yeah they smiled and all, but their foreheads never once moved!!!

You are a beautiful lady. I'm glad you decided to embrace your imperfection. But hey, if something helps, why not, right?!

I love that you left that note for your daughter. How wonderful is that. I wish my mom had done that for me. Your daughter is very blessed indeed.

Andrew said...

I liked the note idea, Cheryl. Hoping your day was well. I like you Botox or not. Hey, we've all got a little "crack" to hide. I know mine shows on occassion and I have to pull up my pants. HAH! Okay, only I thought that was funny. Just thinking of your and voicing my support of your blog. Take care, friend.


dawn said...

ooh, i want to see crack & uncrack photos.
i have a crack from raising three kids & an ex...
and would do it in a newyorkminute if i didn't see the needle.

good for you, cheryl.

azure said...

I've gone the other way...it works better if I don't even get up when my teen gets ready to go. Worked that way for my other kids. Helps if they actually get up and go where they are supposed to be going. Emily sounds great

Ilene said...

Get up for Emily! In three years when she is gone you can sleep as late as you want to. That's my two cents worth!

Jay said...

Last year I saw an interview with Terri Hatcher and she was so botoxed up that I can't believe her lips could even move. I've seen burn victims with more facial expression than her!

SOUL said...

LOL @ andrew! seems he and i are quite easily amused! :))

anyhow.. i also loved that you have embraced your crack...that line is just great. (erg, that word again. where IS my thesaurus?)

and the neck? i have that prob too.. little turkey neck happenin here. i'm NOT lovin that.
and as for the crack? i have a .. something, i don't know, i V in between my eyebrows... when i am stressed or hurt, it is very scrunchy and visible.
when my girl was little it would scare her. weird. i wasn't lovin that either. but i think i shall pass on the botox. i get stuck with needles enough as it is.
hope you have a good night.
btw..i didn't see the person you are talkin about.
good thing maybe?

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

HA!! That's funny! ANd I think it's great with the note and your daughter..it's the little things like that that will keep you guys close and will help you when the times get a bit more hectic with her and her hs growing pains. :)

I have a crack and it's called a double chin and now it's always there..I wish Botox would rid myself of it!!


Anonymous said...

i love getting ready by myself. i have so many pet peeves, they would probably drive my mom crazy watching me get ready! lol

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